May 7 2008New 'Love Guru' Trailer: Midgets, Various Funny Hair Still Prominent Themes


You've probably heard racist jokes about how the Chinese drop silverware to name their children, or have hilarious penis-length-implication names like Long Wang (if not, now you have, and you should try to meet more racists). But you don't know the whole story. Mike Myers has some startling new racial naming evidence: it turns out Indians have funny names too! As the new Love Guru trailer shows, his Guru Pitka character was born in the town of--wait till you hear this--Harenmahkeester. Harenmahkeester! Like "hair on my keester"! Butt hair! Also proved funny: midgets, adult heads on child bodies (someone else has also just realized this), midgets, cross-eyes, and midgets.

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i am more embarrassed for mike myers than offended, and i am indian. this movie make gigli look like citizen kane.

You want to hate it , but then Verne Troyer shows up and makes you forget about that....then you see Mike Myers...and the cycles continues

good lord


Come on you all act like you have never seen Mike Myers in a movie before. Sure there is alittle humor toward another race but racism. It is NEVER done to be harmful or done to be hateful. The whole human race is funny, start laughing and stop fighting! The guy is funny, and probaby created more movie and tv quotes than any other actor in the 20th century. To bad he is canadian... (KIDDING!)

Party on Garth!

Just treat this like Austin Powers 4. Same jokes. Happened to catch So I Married An Axe Murderer on cable recently, do you know Mike Myers does the same jokes for all of his movies? Even the obscure ones.

Stop him before he makes Austin Powers 4: The Exploiting! And Lancy, may you get the worst case of herpes ever imagined. And I hope it's permanent.

Stupid fuckers, Chinkies don't use silverware!

(I can say that 'cause I'm American) austin powers without the fun, and sweet tinkerbell jesus is there enough racism to go around?? Dear Mike, it's Canada, we disown you. -.-

or it could be "here in my keester"...

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