May 1 2008Hey! Old Batman Trailer Look Like New Batman Trailer!


I saw this a couple days ago and wasn't going to post it, but since a few people have sent it in now, here it is: a side-by-side comparison of the last trailer to The Dark Knight and the eerily similar 1989 trailer to Tim Burton's Batman. Lazy editing? Supernatural coincidence? Conspiracy? Or simply evidence of another mysterious someone who has the time and energy to completely re-edit a trailer to make it seem like something else, keeping the collective internet mildly entertained for another two minutes? You decide.

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The "1989" one is fan made to look like the Dark Knight trailer. It's fake. There's a ton of these: An Animated one, a 1960's Adam West one, ect. It's also been out for months.

wow, that's definitely an homage to the original trailer - very impressive!

Is this re-edited ? Being too young to have seen the original Batman trailer and too lazy/disinterested in Burton's product to do so I have been left wondering.

My favourite thing about Burtonman is that he must have said just be yourselves. I'll direct in typical Burton style, Jack errr you play Jack and Michael be Michael. You there, yes you sir playing Commisioner Gordon, remember how he was a bumbling idiot in all the best comics ? No!! Well he is now.

The 1989 trailer, is NOT the original tralier, they just editted scenes to make it look like it matched. That is also why there is no sound on it as well. Nice editting tho. Someone has WAY to much time on thier hands.

The 1989 one is not a real trailer. It's edited to match TDK trailer. I can't believe anyone actually thinks this is real. The part of the 1989 trailer that says Based on DC Comics is from the opening credits of the movie. Duh

I am going to comment and assume no one else has said what I am about to say... The 1989 trailer is NOT a real trailer, it was edited. :-)

But seriously, if you actually saw the original trailer (or any movie trailer circa late 80s) you'd realize we've come a LONG way in 20 years....

Real BATMAN trailer:

Normally, I don't say anything, but I'm calling bullshit on this weird cynicism thing the IWatchStuff guy tries to pull off. If the trailers were exact duplicates, how on earth could that be an example of "lazy editing"?!? Taking the time to make an homage TRAILER--that's the epitome of non-lazy movie-making. If anything, it's over-zealous.

So just give us the scoops, assface, and save the jaded 15-year-old movie critic crap.

Normally *I* don't say anything, but I'm calling bullshit on the lazy reader who posted above. The IWATCHSTUFF writer didn't call the fan trailer lazy, but implied the guy who cut the new Dark Knight trailer was lazy in ripping off the original Batman trailer instead of coming up with his own (and as pointed out by said writer, that is not the case as it's just a fan trailer)

bparsonst -

The IWatchStuff Guy is all I have to make it through the 9-5 without killing myself.

Don't hate.

OK, I guess I was vague with this post. When I said "you decide," I thought it was obvious that the fan-edit option was the appropriate choice; clearly this was not communicated. As stated in other helpful comments, the above 1989 trailer was re-cut to match the new "Dark Knight" trailer. The end.


@ 8, keep your 15-year-old hateful ranting and poor reading for comprehension skills to yourself. It was obvious, as #9 stated, that the implication was that the new dark knight trailer editor was lazy and just copied the old one scene for scene. Now go pop open another bag of fiery Cheetos and make sure to get enough crumbs into your keyboard so it doesn't work anymore. Keep your hand off your penis though (I'm sure it's hard), lest your mommy will ask why your dick is orange.

It would have been more convincing without the "" and "" stamped on the green screen intro for the 1989 trailer. No interwebs back then.

yeah - the biggest evidence that this is a forged comparision

they cut out the "Wait till they get a load of me" line from the first one

oooooh the comparison gave me chills!

you dopes. they made it to look like that. are you all on drugs or what.

next thing you'll talk about the eery coincidences between the dark knight and the lego dark knight.


Still not as good as this trailer:

I can't believe when I saw this a few days ago and got immediately flagged as fake, that it's still circulating the web with no indication of its fakeness.

bparsonst is so high right now.


Either way it's still kinda cool.

DUDE!! Michael Keaton IS Batman!! Fuck this new movie!!!

unless it's cool... ; )

Wow, Kim Basinger in her prime versus Maggie Gyllenhall.

Why God/Nolan, why??

There is the old trailer for anyone that is curious as to if that was the real one!

very clever fake

Yeah, yeah, everyone thinks they're soooo clever that they caught the "fake." Only problem is, IT'S REAL. Idiots.

You guys are all wrong...I'M BATMAN!!!

did no one else realize that the 1989 "Batman" trailer had a website listed at the beginning ( to my knowledge we weren't even surfing the internet back then.

I will however give the creator of the re-edited trailed credit for creating that preview. It was incredibly creative how he used clips to match the new film coming this year. that took alot of time and the person obviously has an eyefor details.

(Why are you all getting your panties in a twist over this?)

Who cares? The comparison is well done.

who gives shit!
I got yer trailer hanging 180

I am shocked and upset about two trailers for two films about the same story containing similar plot points.

then there's YOUR edited version which i just saw. but if it is that similar, then the motto applies: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. :)

The only thing is know for sure is that Christian Bale is HOT

I'M the troll bait. 4ever.

OMG you guize!!!1 I don't think the 1989 one is for teh realz!

Are we supposed to read the title of this article with an Asian accent?

i kinda got the chills when i saw heath ledger in his full joker makeup...
reminded me of brandon lee in the crow
and they both died before their movies were released....

if you have a formula that works ..use it ?

I love how ppl post w/o reading other posts. Everyone's just saying the same crap over and over. Why did I waste my time reading them all?

Well, I would think the point of most, if not all, superheroes movies is the same. Superhero meets super villain. Super villain tries to destroy super hero. Super hero's girlfriend gets caught in between. There are a lot of mayhem and destructions, before finally superhero kills/defeats super villain. No surprise that the 2 trailers are similar there.

lol, I thought it was real until I read the comments. VERY convincing to the untrained eye.

fuck u bitch

i think batman is a batgirl and batgirl is a batman.. yeah
lets put a smile on your face.. lets eat M&M ..
batman is all of us.. don be scare child.. lets go play hide and seek...

Heath made a great Joker, blew Nicholson away...

I agree and will bookmark this page and be back to follow you more.

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