May 6 2008Harven Dent with What One Might Almost Call a 'Second Face'


What is supposedly concept art of Aaaron Eckhart as Batman villain Two-Face has started showing up around the cyber-world last night, and Jax and Dan (individually) were nice enough to send it here. I've hidden it under the cut for those who want a surprise or with sensitive stomachs. It looks something like a disgusting cross between Tim Sale's gruesome depiction in Long Halloween and a horribly charred anatomical musculature model. Strangely, it looks almost nothing like Tommy Lee Jones with some pink latex turning half of his face into a Dr. Seuss villain.

dark-knight-two-face-art.jpg (Gross.)

Reader Comments

Wow... I really hope the final product looks something like that.

damn that's intense. Realistic Batman films are starting to impress me....more.

but that would hurt like hell in real life. I mean HALF HIS FACE IS GONE!

I agree with above. I hope it looks this good in the finished film.

Now, THAT'S Two-Face.

A bit over the top, no?

my gawd!
i feel like a koala just crapped a rainbow in my brain.
this is cool.

You should put a spoiler alert on it as I sure wouldn't of looked had it not been loaded in front of my face.

I call Fake. It looks like it was photoshopped, also why is his jacket lapel and shoulder burnt, but not his shirt collar?

his collar is charred up.

Thats the real deal folks.

....Hey.... Why isn't the rest of his hair burnt off??? o_O
Looks awsome! I agree, It does feel to have crapped a rainbow in one's brain...

Don't you think he will rot a bit throughout the movie?

definitely PHOTOSHOPPED! just look at it! a three year old could tell its done by some ass rat putting together pix of the terminator and promo shots of the actor playing Dent!!!

umm.... Guys? What do we do if this actually IS what he looks like in the movie?! ...Crap...

Hmmm..lovely concept....I believe in you, Harvey Dent. ;)

Of course it looks Photoshopped. It was never claimed to be an actual picture of Aaron in make-up.

"What is supposedly concept art"....

I think it's real.

Look at the first pic.

Notice on his chin, nose, and eyebrow you can clearly see bits of burnt flesh. It's mounded up slightly.

So.........why isn't his face pink or his hair some sort of purple color? I don't get it, plus where is the large stripe of neon lighting somewhere in the background.

I wonder if Batman will skydive back to Gotham "skysurfing" on a door? I mean, that was so realistic, I asked myself, "How did they film that?" It looked so real..............

Definitely NOT real. Any conceptual artist or makeup artist working for the film is going to know that no one with a face like that could live. First, the skin would heal and scar, it wouldn't look like ash. Second, if his muscles were exposed then that area would be hopelessly open to infection, and he'd be dead within two weeks.

Plus, the work is mid-level quality, at best. This is just some fan boy's wish.

Personally, I think this idea goes completely against the realism of the first two films...this is more like a gorey Joel Schumacher version.

1)OK stop wasting space and making comments like this isn't real--it was stated right off the bat that this was conceptual art.

B) And even though it is an obvious photoshop job, it is an infinitely cooler and more realistic than the Tommy Lee Jones version. And Rob, the Chris Nolan movies are ten times more realistic than even the Tim Burton versions. The believability is what separates them and makes them so popular.

d) Aaron Eckhart has stated in interviews that the face will indeed look like someone whose "face has been ripped off or burned off with acid" so this is actually probably a pretty close depiction... If your face gets smeared in a puddle of acid, your skin is not going to heal and scar. Your skin is gone. Next when the acid hits the muscle tissue, the wounds would almost instantly be cauterized. Not to mention the fact that there are thousands of people who have suffered severe facial burns that leaves tissue exposed to possible infection and still living "normal" lives i.e. you can live after such an experience.

It's a scene taken directly from the movie how the fuck can it be photoshopped? Watch the trailer again.

Hey Superevil, you do realize they were talking about the bottom picture being photoshopped, not the top one, right? Obviously the one on the top is in the trailer, but not the one on the bottom, unless you have come across some trailer that reveals all of Two-Face's face

I want to care!!

So, Two-Face will be somewhere between this and the leaked action figure picture?

I'd like to think of this as everyone's beginning here, [no shit]. Not just Batman. This goes for Scarecrow and Two Face and Joker. Nolan is presenting all of them just starting out.

I hope to God it comes out something that's this awesome. I don't know about the exposed muscle over the jaw though, seems a bit much on that part.

WB has ordered most blogs to remove this image. So its likely to be real.

Hey, I thought this was The Dark Knight, not The Mummy Returns...

Is this The Dark Knight or Tales From the Crypt.

This is real. when it was leaked, Warner Bros demanded that it should be taken offline because it was copyrighted material. Why would they do that to this picture but not all the other bull crap fan arts?

By the way, the reason why this one is still here is because Warner Bros has now officially released the picture. nough said.

I just saw a screening tonight. This is the final product. Leaked photo is REAL. Movie is awesome. Rachel dies :(

I bet all you that said it was fake feel really stupid right about now.

Am I the only one thinking: "His eyeball would be gone if he underwent that kind of damage. And his tendons would be all pussy. Infection city." ? I think they should have researched actual burn victims when drawing up the character design. I'm disappointed.

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