'Disaster Movie' Poster Predicts More 'Meet the Spartans'-Style Belly Laughs

May 30, 2008


Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg are the two mercilessly humorless writers who brought you Meet the Spartans and all of the other [Genre] Movie-titled parody films of the last decade. Now they have another one coming out titled Disaster Movie (the irony of which is too obvious to state). Since they've started coming out with at least one a year since 2006, this comes as little surprise--they're essentially a second, shorter Academy Awards, both serving as joyless ways to remind yourself of the year's films as filtered through cleavage and painful attempts at humor.

But I was a bit taken aback looking at this poster (my exact words were "f***. me.") and learning that their latest attempt is disaster-themed. Wasn't their next stab going to be Goody Two Shoes, based around Superbad and still-unreleased summer films? God, is this a second spoof film they're doing this year? Why would reason allow for that?

Thankfully, I don't think that's the case. The IMDB lists only Disaster Movie as filming, with the threat of several other projects resigned to the trivia section. More likely, Seltzer and Friedberg simply cast their parody net so broadly that a few extra shots of pop culture icons dying in natural disasters allowed for a complete shift in focal point.

I really hate these guys.

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