May 20 2008David Lynch Puts Some Still Warm Panties in His Mouth


As much as I try to keep abreast of developments from big-name directors, sometimes, despite my best efforts, things slip between the cracks. I missed that Frank Darabont will be directing Law Abiding Citizen with Gerard Butler in the lead; that Spielberg plans to return attention to his long-rumored Abraham Lincoln biopic once he finished work on Tintin; oh, and that David Lynch put a pair of a fan's still "very warm" panties in his mouth.

I find out the very day Lynch releases a video monologue complaining about the iPhone, but somehow no one thinks to send me the one where he shoves a girl's unmentionables in his mouth--even when it's been around long enough to be re-mixed with Twin Peaks music. (IT HAS.) Thanks for nothing, internet denizens.

Disturbing video below the cut.

Reader Comments

Ew. Ew. Oh God.

I don't believe for one second that that skinny minnie provided the panties that were put into his mouth. Unless of course she wears the wrong size panties and believes that she's a size 9 instead of a size 5 (in underwear sizing).

What silliness.

What an odd way to get an STD

David Lynch is fucking awesome. He doesn't even have to try to be weird, and he's so fucking weird he's uber-cool. I bet Jesus wishes he had had that kind of edgy vibe.

ah, david. there's nothing quite like him and thank buddha for that. i do admit though that like those panties, he's a required taste!!! time to watch inland empire and mullholland drive again... and watch the cell phone video. truly. he has a point.

A phone??? A FUCKING PHONE?! Get real.


Gotta love him.

I hope the panties was not smelly as well as dirthy, otherwise he might got some s*** in his mouth!

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