David Lynch Puts Some Still Warm Panties in His Mouth

May 20, 2008


As much as I try to keep abreast of developments from big-name directors, sometimes, despite my best efforts, things slip between the cracks. I missed that Frank Darabont will be directing Law Abiding Citizen with Gerard Butler in the lead; that Spielberg plans to return attention to his long-rumored Abraham Lincoln biopic once he finished work on Tintin; oh, and that David Lynch put a pair of a fan's still "very warm" panties in his mouth.

I find out the very day Lynch releases a video monologue complaining about the iPhone, but somehow no one thinks to send me the one where he shoves a girl's unmentionables in his mouth--even when it's been around long enough to be re-mixed with Twin Peaks music. (IT HAS.) Thanks for nothing, internet denizens.

Disturbing video below the cut.

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