May 23 2008'Batman: Gotham Knight' Trailer or Hypothetical Ways the Japanese Could Have Ruined Batman


This trailer for Batman: Gotham Knight doesn't contain anywhere near the number of giant Bat-mechs, oversized comic teardrops, or busty catgirl Robins I would have hoped for in a Batman-as-anime scenario. At least they remembered to give the superhero the malicious, horrid grin of the archetypical anime rapist character. I know where those Batarangs are going!

Batman Gotham Knight - Official Trailer

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So, it's kind of like an Animatrix for Batman....

I'll buy it.

Gorgeous looking, though the voice bothers me a bit. I'll be buyin' it :D.
ALSO I would like to note that even if Robin was well stacked and cat-featured, my anime watching experience tells me he still would not have to be a girl :p ;)

I fucking hate anime. why do they have to barf it all over everything ... bah

if you hate animation then you have the choice not to watch it,why does everyone have to barf their opinion all over the place like we give a shit?

The voice is Kevin Conroy, THE voice of Batman in animated form since The Animated Series in the early 90s. Respect it!

I'll get it, just because Brian Azzarello, writer of the 100 Bullets comic books is in the writing team. His work is amazing.

@ Thrawn

I've grown too used to Christian Bale it seems :p

an extended teaser trailer for this leaked ages ago! dunno if it was posted here...looks awesome thou..i ll watch it for sure...yea animatrix for batman...why not...

it sounds fair as well... goku is being played by a caucasian
and batman becomes a japanese guy

its not Kevin Conroy.

Hey Berzerker ! It IS Kevin Conroy's voice. Stop being a moron and check your facts straight or better yet, check the DVD label when it comes out.

It's like the animimatrix with batman


This new batman looks so awesome... cant wait to see it..

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I'm a bit biased towards the look and feel of the Justice League/Unlimited cartoon , but I have to admit the animation looks! I just hope they keep the blood shooting out of bodies like geysers and weird demon tentacle rape to a minimal.

Sorry meant to say, "looks...GOOD"!

Hey fellow assholes - Based on the trailers, my own knowledge of Batman and the recently leaked spoilers surrounding the Joker, I've got a possible full plot synopsis up on my blog, for anyone interested.

The animation (or at least parts of it) looks like it was done by the same team who did the Oren Ishi animated sequence in Kill Bill...

Oh man, the trailer is awesome & this looks like it's gonna be a great animated movie...can't wait!

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Thanks, Tommy

Sh*t. Now I know I must not go see the Dark Knight.
Why ? Simple. We had Matrix 1 which was great. And then we had Matrix 2 which just plain sucked with Animatrix in the middle.
And now we're having Batman Begins which was cool, and this Animatrix-like series of Anime-Batman shorts. Can anyone smell some freakish parallel too ?

This is some BS. Why give us what we've already seen? The Animatrix was a unique way of giving us some more information into the Matrix world, this however is some flashy anime-esqe way of filling time. It's unneeded and unwanted, Heath Ledger's Joker is enough to make we watch Batman drive that retarded tank of a batmobile. You're taking innovation and making it into a sales ditch.

What the hell! I understand that Batman first and foremost is a comic and cartoon before ever being a movie but still, you're now taking a true art from (Anime) and just using it's abilty to look completely off to sell shit we don't need. If you want us to know what happened then how about a mini series on TV to hype up the movie? NO! you fools cant think of that, it's too expensive to have Christan Bale work for a TV spot!

I sincerely hope that sales for this load of Bat Crap are low enough for WB to take the remaining copies and bury them right next to the E.T. Atari game grave in the desert.

Cool Kevin Conroy is back. I enjoy his voice as batman..

and by ruin u mean make awesome

JAJAAJAJAAA, don't make me laugh! Japanese are far far better than you are. They are light years ahead you in animation, why do you think they are doing it? why do you think 50% of north american cartoons are animated in Japan. Sorry chief, you didn't get this one.

Wow. I haven't been this pissed off in weeks. I totally agree with #3. I'm so sick of anime shitting all over everything that I could scream. The idea of Kevin Conroy returning to play Batman in a serious, mature cartoon set between Batman Begins and Dark Knight gets me excited as hell (being a fan of the original Batman Animated Series), but then they had to completely ruin it by making it anime in order to be trendy and stupid like all the other shit out there. What the hell is wrong with American cartoons? Isn't Batman American, or did I miss something? Couldn't they have drawn it in a more realistic, comic-book style to make it look mature, without making Batman into an anime rapist? God, I despise anime.

Japanese art and animation are good, however not the best, at least, arguably. American animation has been the best for decades, the only reason you don't see it anymore is because its so expensive to do high-quality American animation. Look at animated Disney films and the huge budgets they had. The reason why studios are turning to East Asia for animation is purely because its cheaper. A lot cheaper. Basically its outsourcing.

I don't really know how to feel about this Batman anime however. Some anime is pretty decent, but Batman deserves awesome treatment. I'll have to wait and see if they've done alright or not.

I am quite ambivalent about this trailer...

on one hand, I found my heart racing with the hyperkinetic action of the animation; feeling myself growing more and more excited as epic battles flashed across my screen.

and then I thought, "but that is not why I like the Batman series.." Batman, at least for the past couple of decades, has been a multi-layered, complex character - a man torn between cleansing his city and avenging his parents while wondering if he is no better(or less insane) than the villains he vanquishes. It isn't all about the high tech gadgets and crazy bad guys.

At least no one looked bishounen...

As for Japanese v. American animation and who stole/ruined what, I think that's pretty even on both sides. For every American franchise made into an anime or manga, America has 'ruined' something in return - see 3/4 of the survival horror/horror movies made in the past decade or so. Personally, I do not see these adaptations as attempts to ruin anything, but homages to series and entities that are respected and loved the world over.

I don't really see this as an affront to the Batman Animated Series of the 90's either. Considering the fact that some very famous anime studios worked on that show to begin with...
Japan has already done batman with robots and such by the way - see The Big O, animated of the studios who animated the 90's Batman series :O I think they this interpretation is of another sort altogether.

Once I see more of how they treat the psychological elements of batman, I'll make a decision - but for now, this looks like a beautiful tribute to a hero we all love.


Looks very nice... can't wait to see it...

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If one of the films doesn't have Bruce Timm directing and his animation, then this isn't worth it.

This looks pretty cool. I like the idea of multiple stories with different directors

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