What 'Little Nemo' Could Have Been

April 11, 2008


In 1992, when other kids were fawning over Robin Williams' masterfully wacky impressions in Aladdin, I remember being pretty excited over Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. It's not that I had any knowledge of Winsor McCay's brilliant source material, but I liked that it was bright and confusing, endorsed onesies, and reminded me to play the Little Nemo Nintendo game (notable for forcing you to feed animals candy until they let you wear their skin as a suit).

Anyway, back in 1984 some other studios were working on the project--including Studio Ghibli and director Yoshifumi Kondo. Only a short test sequence was ever finished, but it's worth watching. Think the Star Wars Death Star run with a bed, but with more unnecessary whimpering.

Little Nemo Test Film [Cartoon Brew]

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