Apr 11 2008New 'X-Files' Shots: Maybe the Snowflakes are Small Aliens?


For you ardent, obsessive fans who get excited at any new shot from The X-Files 2, even if it's just Mulder and Scully standing around in the snow, I present this image of Mulder and Scully standing around in the snow. You can really see in their faces how much they respectively believe and disbelieve.

Thee New X-Files Photos [Coming Soon]

Reader Comments

Maybe scully is too small

I'm sorry, I know it's lame. But I'm actually looking forward to this movie.

I am one of those ardent, obsessive fans and I say keep em coming! I can't wait! and she looks great...I think she looks younger now than when the show actually started.

Hasn't it been at least 10 years since anyone gave a rat about X-Files? This movie is utterly ridiculous in concept, it's too late...nobody cares.

can't believe I have to say this but....



And the truth is, I am a rabid fanboy, and I can't wait. X-Files is the epitomy of... things that are in-fucking-credibly weird that I like.

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