Apr 8 2008First Look at 'Dragonball' Piccolo Costume


It's a good thing I'm some sort of Dragonball purist, having dismissed the series after one episode of constant screaming (both on and off screen). Otherwise I might be upset to see this film version of Piccolo's costume, which has replaced the sinewy alien-meets-Lawrence of Arabia look of the anime with this dark, Chronicles of Riddick-inspired muscle robe. I imagine this is what Batman's costume would have looked like had Bruce Wayne been raised wearing only Dockers pleated khakis.

P.S.: Make-up effects artist Edward French, stop using Word Art on your webpage.

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Yowza! Comic Sans!

this movie is going to be absolutly nothing liek the anime/manga.

why is piccolo black? :/

I wont be able to resist watching this. And for that I really hope they don't completely butcher it.

Why is he black? Is that some sorta costume or a yet-to-be-painted body suit or is it gonna be CGed? The arms look weird, the torso looks like its not supposed to have clothes on and it looks like he's wearing pants.

I wish they'd release something soon. I'm beginning to get worried.

I actually really like the costume. I am a huge Dragonball fan so they could really stand around for two hours and I would love it.

It would be so dumb if they tried to mirror the manga exactly. I feel a little artistic interpretation is necessary.

I especially like how the suit mirror Piccolo's muscles in the manga, like the ridges in the arms.

wow. i sense great fail coming from this movie.

then again, early casting could have told me this much.

What? What the hell? No "over 9000" posts yet? You guys are failing.

What? It's not two years ago yet?

I think it is like an armor or something. And remember, in this movie it is demon king piccolo, not the piccolo with the white and purple suit from DBZ

guys shut up.. I mean think about it, a Demon King wearing purple pajamas... no this looks more bad-ass...it actually looks like something a Demon King would wear

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