Be an Advertising Stooge for 'Watchmen'!

April 23, 2008


Sometimes when you're watching a movie, you can't help but notice a fake ad for a fake product airing in the background and think, man, why didn't I get to make that commercial? Zack Snyder has heard your pleas! The director is asking for submissions to his YouTube-affiliated "Veidt Enterprises Advertising Contest", in which you create a commercial to be featured (in the background) of Watchmen. Submissions must be 15, 30, or 60-seconds in length, advertise a Veidt product, fit the tone of Watchmen and 1985, and be "cool" and/or "awesome". Below the cut, see a just-awoken Snyder's personal call to action and a couple sample fake commercials starring Fake Kirsten Dunst and fake obnoxious hipster high-tops. Full contest details here.

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