Apr 25 2008Angelina Jolie 'Wanted' Poster is Very Artistic


I think it's really cool that the producers of Wanted gave a freshman photography major the chance try out their new roll of black & white film to make a poster. I'm just confused as to why there isn't a single, dramatically-placed rose or the playful dancing of cigarette smoke. That would be so symbolic of something.

Angelina Jolie Teaser Poster for WANTED [AICN]

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wait. is that a rose on her pistol?

Her skinny as fuck arm is creeping me the hell out.

It's like looking Jack Skelingtons arm close up.

Couldn't agree more Orlock, she's starting to look like frigging Olive Oil.


I miss the days of the semi-voluptuous Angelina. The days when, thanks to the internet, the only parts of "Gia" I had ever seen were the "standing naked saying something I couldn't hear because it was muted" part and the sweet lesbian deliciousness.

Did they want us to hang this next to our Desperado posters?

I guess it would have to be artistic since no one wants or is going to see another flop, keep trying maybe next time cast another woman who is not commonly nauseating and depised by the general public.

The hand holding a gun is a left hand, obviously. Look at the fingers.

But the arm holding the gun is a right arm.


i liked that poster best as Death Wish, http://www.b-movies.gr/UserFiles/Image/death%20wish%20uk.jpg

Thanks for the article and photos!

Stephanie. I think it is her left arm. If you were to see the whole body, she'd be standing facing you, her head is just tilted to the side.

This is the photo from her MySpace page.

Look closely on her arm, either she has the Matrix code on her forearm or a long string of binary code. Either way, I'll pass on this piece of crap movie.

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I really do miss the "Lara Croft" Angelina Jolie body she use to have (sigh) very nice memories... oh well at least she still has DSLs.

I agree that arm looks disgustingly malnurished, but it's probably not even hers. Then again I'm normally staring at her sweet, sweet milk jugs, so I have no idea what the rest of her body looks like.

I'm sorry, but are you an utter moron?
this is probably one of the most poorly photoshopped pictures I've ever seen.
do you realize you can't tell which side her arm is on?
and the fact that if she were to straighten her arm
it would be down to her knees?
god you people are dumb

its actuallyher left arm and left hand!!! i could tell so i looke it up....http://www.toxicshock.tv/news/wp-content/uploads/wanted_movie_poster3.jpg
check it out

Everyone should stop hating because she's making MILLIONS and YOU aren't!! She's the most beautiful woman on the planet. It doesn't matter how skinny she is. She's still HOTTTTT!!!!!!!

Angelina's mom died a little before this movie was made. Shes that skinny due to her depression of that because she was really close to her mother. Im sure after she has these two new kids her body will be back to its voluptuous self.

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