Mar 6 2008New 'X-Files 2' Set Shots--Ewww, Spoilers!


What tragic event has led to a sympathetic embrace between Mulder and Scully? If you don't care about ruining future enjoyment for yourself, see the answer below the cut. It's a good'n!


KISSIN'!!! It took him fifteen years to reach first base, but still beats me.

UPDATE: I guess they kissed in the last episode too, but I'd stopped watching long before that point.

Mulder & Scully Kiss [FlyNet]

Reader Comments

well duh

I guess in real life secrets are really easy to uncover.

They slept together in the series, so he's more ahead-of-the-game than you realize.

He's her baby's daddy if you know what I'm sayn. Although they may have never kissed on camera I don't know

they actually kissed for the first time a few years before the show ended. I am showing my nerdiness but I don't care... they kissed on new years in the episode "millenium".

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