Mar 27 2008'Bangkok Dangerous' Poster, or Nic Cage Plays with iSight


There's only one way out. It would seem it involves having a single facial expression (dumbfounded intensity) and desperately clinging to youth with biker jackets and hair appliances.

The Bangkok Dangerous Poster [Coming Soon]

Reader Comments

That's not dumbfounded's "Blue Steel"!!

Funnily enough, that was the same look he had on his face after I BANGed him with my KOK......

I think his intensity looks HOT! Nic Cage will definitely get my butt in line to buy a ticket to this one!

Is this a John Mark Karr biopic?

he is one ugly dude.

he has the same expression (or lack there of ) on EVERY movie poster he's been on. Look it up, seriously.

Yet another Hollywood remake of an Asian movie, eh? At least it's got Pang brothers at the helm, i.e. the guys who did the original.

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