Mar 13 2008Apatow's Cohorts Making Muppet Movie


Like Peeps or reunion concerts, the Muppets are one of those things that seem really appealing until I actually have a taste. I even went so far as to buy The Muppet Show first season DVD over a year ago, but have yet to come anywhere near finishing them. Every time I pry open Kermit's rectangular torso and pop in the disc, I'm reminded that, despite the endearing characters, there's a limited amount of enjoyment I can derive from a crooning Sandy Duncan. At that point, I have to face the facts: as much as I love The Muppet Show, it really could have used some better writers (and let's not even get into the quality of some of the Muppet films).

Well, it turns out my hope for improved Muppetry may be become a reality, with news that Forgetting Sarah Marshall writer/star Jason Segel and director Nick Stoller have signed on to make a new film with the popular felt cast. And judging by the quality of the trailers for the duo's upcoming comedy, I'd say Segel and Stoller's Muppet film have a good chance at revitalizing the franchise. Or at least make something as good as this Candice Bergen Muppet Show I'm trying to push through.

'Marshall' duo to write, direct film for Disney [Variety]

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I found watching the muppet show as an adult to be pretty much like watching it as a kid, back then I didn't know who the guest stars were, now I just still don't care. I also just keep waiting for the next pigs in space, or doctor's hospital sketch.

Wendy you are absolutely correct. Although, the now disillusioned adult in me gets more enjoyment out of the two old farts. I still like the three original movies.

You are both right. What do these new bozos know about the Muppets?

They grew up with the Muppets - they know the same that we all do...I think its ingrained in alot of people. Im excited - I never was too fond of the Muppet Show, but I still adore the movies to this day. It makes me sad to know youngens today probably don't know the Muppets as well - they are missing out.

You should try later seasons. The first season is undoubtedly the weakest, as they were still developing the characters. They are much more fleshed out as time goes on. i'm excited for this.

Right? Watched a Muppets movie recently, one I thought I liked as a was such crap. I wanted to burn it and then pee on it's ashes.

Yes, it sucked that bad.......

Oh, the first season is a tough one. They were just figuring out how it all worked! Wait until the later seasons! Miss Piggy doesn't really look like Miss Piggy until season 3! They DO get better! Even I, a HUGE Muppet fan cannot watch all of season 1 and 2 without stopping or even...falling asleep! As for the Muppet films, my favorite is The Muppet Movie. The next two are pretty okay, with some truly funny moments. And out of the last three, the only one I can stomach is The Muppet Christmas Carol!

When season 3 comes out, give it another chance! And never watch the first two seasons again! Not unless you have to! On a dare...or for money.

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