Feb 29 2008'The Love Guru' Trailer is...


I don't even know how to describe the painfulness of Mike Myers' The Love Guru trailer. "Austin Powers: new costume, same jokes" is appropriate, but doesn't really convey the way your brain shuts off around the point the midget jokes start (and never stop). At the same time, "brain Novocain in a sari" doesn't capture how sadly derivative it is, and omits the hilarity of the curly mustache. I guess the best I can do is "Mike Myers smothers your soul with the help of Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake, prosthetic hair, midget jokes, and some penis references."

Thanks for the tip, Kyle.

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A white guy as a kooky guru? Outrageous!
A black guy as a professional hockey player? (for a Canadian team, no less!) Hilarious!
A midget as... anything? Comedic genius!

*smashes head into wall*
What happened to you, Mike? You used to be cool...

Nice to see Verne Troyer still getting work, I guess.

This wouldn't even work as an SNL skit.

New rule. If Jessica Alba appears in a comedy it's because it sucks.

"Coming to America" ??

The studio knows Toronto is in Canada right?

It gets bonus points for unexpected!John Oliver...however the 'midget jokes' are the same exact formula as Austin Powers....yet the character is not near as awesome as Austin Powers >.>

How low can he sink!? He's just saying "you're a midget" and expecting a laugh!?

This looks dumb, like a 4th rate Peter Sellers.

Eh. It looks like it'll be mediocre. Good for a few laughs, at least.
But it's go Jessica Alba.
If she's in a movie, you KNOW it can't be any good.

JEssica Alba=Box office poison

Tru dat

This is disturbing on so many levels.

say what you will, this movie will make you laugh, guarenteed. however lame you think it will be, it will make you laugh out loud several times.isnt that what a comedy is supposed to acheive? laughs? yes.

No... this will not make me laugh. One key reason here... it's just not funny.

I've said before that things are so stupid my head hurt... but after witnessing this horror durring some TV Land viewing last night... my head ACTUALLY HURT. And for about 20 min too. I actually felt kinda dizzy and thought for a second that I might fall backwards off my balance ball/computer seat. I was convinced part of my brain had died. Honestly... I'm not sure I feel ok now....

This might be the single unfuniest comedy trailer I've ever seen. That includes romantic comedies, Wayans brothers movies, all the previous innane crap Myers has thrown at us before, even... ugh... Will Ferrel isn't as brain-killingly unfunny as this turd of a movie is gonna be.

How could this possibly be the same guy who played sweet yet endearing, exagerated but not entirely unrealistic characters like Wayne and the guy in So I Married an Axe Murderer? Sure, they're not classic cinema but they're genuinely funny.

This is just the same formula as Austin Powers. I... oh, it was already said. Does not look good.

What I find funny is mentioning the terms Stanley Cup and Toronto Maple Leafs in the same sentence, knowing that they haven't won it since 1967. Guess they're so desperate to win it that they'll do it in a movie.

Wow...that's gonna crap up the summer

Wow...that's gonna crap up the summer

Um, didn't he put the kibosh on the Sprockets movie because it wasn't up to his standards or something? Apparently his standards have dropped significantly since then.

Ouch... this hurt to watch. It really is a recycled Austin Powers character, which is a shame, because having Mike Myers in a comedy used to guarantee that it was going to be funny, or at least original. Now his movies aren't either.

>> The studio knows Toronto is in Canada right? >>

Canada is in North 'America' last I checked. ;-)

It just looks terrible. The general premise of a "guru" in this Oprahified landscape, has potential. First came Dr. Phil and last came Barack Obama, both gurus of some sort or another. Somewhere in there she even (I think) peddled things like "The Secret". So, some Indian guru could be in there, though I think realistically speaking, most of the gurus are not fresh off the boat from some steamer boat circal 1870 like Myers seems to be. They all seem like ordinary guys who wear suits, from Deepak Chopra to Tony Robbins and so on.

But, the premise still could be funny. It doesn't look so in execution.

Incidentally, people who say Canada is "America" are both wrong and ridiculous. No one in India or Latvia or Paraguay or wherever is going to say "America" to refer to anything but the United States. And they aren't referring to Canadians when they say Americans, nor Mexicans, Bolivians, Brazilians, etc.

So, it's a mistake in the movie, probably in keeping with the apparent quality of the movie altogether.

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