Feb 21 2008Michel Gondry's 'Be Kind, Amanda Bynes'


Michel Gondry is often praised for his unique vision and quirky ideas, but is it possible his newest film, Be Kind Rewind, stole the notion of video store employees remaking films from Nickelodeon's The Amanda Show. Probably not, but this video of the 8-year-old show does show some astounding similarities to Gondry's comedy.

The director will hopefully move past these claims of plagiarism with his next original film, in which a slimy green substance descends on anyone who expresses verbal uncertainty.

Thanks, Richard.

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This was the first thing that came to mind when I heard about Rewind. The Blockblister saga actually quite a funny series of skits, if I remember correctly. But then again I was nine at the time so what do I know?

these were very funny skits......SKITS...not movies...a movie takes a ton more talent and much better writing..i loved Eternal Sunshine and michael gondry has more talent in his little finger than the production team of the Amanda Show...its a funny idea, and im glad Gondry has decided to make Be Kind Rewind

Gondry's movie will be better. Much better.

Bad idea for a movie. Bad because it's boring. I'm losing interest in Jack Black.

I think commentor number 4 is Brandon...Frasier?

Instead of posting about your secret fantasies about Jack on blogs, maybe you should just tell him. It's okay, he'll understand. If he doesn't just tell him that after realizing the public was forcing you to make The Mummy into a campy film, instead of the high brow action film you envisioned (your own personal dare I say it, Indiana Jones), you've taken to wearing suede pants that are one size too tight.

I'd also use this when people ask you why you haven't had that hideous mole removed. However, you will need to come up with a better (much better) excuse to explain George of the Jungle. Yikes.

This isn't the first time I've heard in Hollywood that Gondry is an essentially an embellishing derivativist.(I just made that word up)

omg. he is totally stealing! gondry is like so unoriginal...im sooo cool and my opinions are sooo important. its like ghostdad meets clifford meets D.A.R.Y.L. bye got to go drive my car and kill the innocent. toodles.

With all due respect to The Amanda Show, I have pretty severe doubts that Michel Gondry was familiar with the Bynes oeuvre when he came up with the idea. It's not exactly the single most unique thing in the history of time. Also, everything Nickelodeon was airing at that time in the "comedy for 12-year-olds" genre was pretty uniformly horrible anyway; there's a pretty sizable difference between a one-joke skit (and that joke itself really is not funny) and a whole film. Also also, the person who made that YouTube clip is insane.

#3 LOOOL... Yes, Amanda's skit BETTAR, MUCH BETTAR!

@5. ama

Brend.a.n Fras.e.r

ynd yes, go ahead reply back calling me something like "Captain Spellchecky" if it makes you feel much *butter.

hahah! i almost forgot about this show!

Well I saw the movie since it opened in my city and it was very, very good. Personally who cares if some show did it first because even the show didn't do it first. How many low budget Star Wars are out on the internet? The point of the movie isn't to just remake movies there's a much bigger message to the movie than that but I don't want to actually convince anyone to see it who's ready to boycott because of "The Amanda Show."

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