'Married Life' Trailer Critiques 1940s Wife Murder

February 7, 2008


Chris Cooper, Pierce Brosnan, Patricia Clarkson, and Rachel McAdams (playing, apparently, Gwen Stefani) star in Married Life, a film that takes the '40s/'50s social critique of Far from Heaven and presents it like a long, schlocky play.

The hardest part to understand is that they're marketing this as a straight-up drama, though the trailer paints it as a satire mixed with a comedy of "who's cheating with who?!" We're not supposed to think it's funny how he's planning to replace his wife's medicine with poison? That's such a ridiculous murder cliché, how is it not meant to be funny? He might as well drop an anvil on her. Then again, maybe it's just the Django Reinhardt(-inspired?) soundtrack making me assume Woody Allen is going to pop out from behind a bannister, or that the title already makes it sound like a seldom-watched CBS sitcom.

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