Feb 25 2008Images from Scorsese's Stones Doc, 'Shine a Light'


"So, this will be like the fourth film I've made to feature your song 'Gimme Shelter', and since this is a documentary entirely about your band, think you could toss me one this time--gratis?"

"Not a chance in the world, old man."

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Has it been four, or were you just being hyperbolic?

I may have expressed my anger here before concerning Scorsese's use of Gimme Shelter in The Departed. He used it in Goodfellas, a much better film -- no director can use the same song twice! If Wes Anderson used Queen Bitch again I'd smack him in the head.

Used in:

1. Goodfellas
2. Casino
3. The Departed
4. Shine a Light (most likely)

I watch stuff, you know your stuff!

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