Feb 15 2008First Look at Quaid as Hawk in 'G.I. Joe'


"Shut UP! Destro said WHAT? What-evs. Text me later."

First Look at Dennis Quaid as General Hawk [IESB]

Reader Comments

LOL! That was good.

This is great news for everyone who likes walk and talk exposition but wishes it was delivered by action figures.

they gave hawk too many damn stars. he's only supposed to be a brigadier or major general.

I laughed so hard I snorted. LOL good one.

I thought this was on the set of "A Few Old Men."

I think that is a young Captain Kirk, no?

Totally lol'ed at that caption

if he wears 2 stars or 3 stars..noone would understand..americans are retarded to the power of 5. seriously.."one star? .wtf...4 stars..oh a gen er al;"

dennis quid is a good actor and gi joe will be alright..

all fan boys need to get it on with their barbies and shut the f-up

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