Jan 24 2008W(Delta)Z Trailer Takes Serial Killing to the Same Level


It's like Se7en (right down to its title's obnoxious inclusion of a symbol), only instead of the seven deadly sins, it's based on some kind of algebra equation that I wasn't really paying attention to that will somehow, when it's finished, determine what it takes for people to murder someone they love. The better equation would have determined what it took to get Stellan Skarsgard to star in this poorly-lit rehashing of overused serial killer gimmicks.

If they're getting this desperate for convoluted themes for serial killers to use, here's an idea for the sequel: Each victim is found filled with a dessert substance. Detectives determine he's going through the Hostess lineup, each victim based on a different cream-filled snack cake, and they have to stop him before he reaches the coconut-based ones. It's called Sweet Death, but the t's are Ho-Hos.

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So it's like Se7en, and The Number 23, but with more math...

I'm confused.

WΔZ, in case you didn't know how to insert a Δ. XD
That being said, I'm not object to math, and I turned the preview off 1/2 through.

The thing that makes me mad about a lot of these, are the fact that they can't rely on story. Se7en (and to some extent the original Saw, none of the horrible sequels) didn't really show you much of the gruesome killings actually happening, and it much more of a story, and made it awesome (Saw showed maybe five minutes worth of actual killings, as opposed to the sequels, which is all of the "appeal") This looks like it will be just a gore-fest.

Or maybe they're just relying on the fact that math is pretty scary.

this looks really dumb

It's like they adapted Num3ers for the big screen, only lamer and with 50% less Jew Fro.


Why doesn't he just get Matt Damon to help him with the equation?

Is it just me or is Selma Blair's appearance at the end of the trailer a bit of a spoiler?

I would so see Sweet Death!

How would you even pronounce the name of this movie? Just "W-Delta-Z" or "Waz" because the delta looks like a capital A? Really? Stellan Skarsgard and Peter Stormare should join their magical Swedish forces and say no to shit movies they keep getting shoved into. And they can make out. Or make meatballs and reasonably priced unassembled furniture.
Anyway, on a side note about something that has bothered me for a long time, how does "Se7en" even work? The 7 looks nothing like a v unless it was rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise and stretched.

I can't even begin to say how much the Se7en thing bothers me. It's like it was designed by the same people who write [email protected]@K on eBay auctions, but [email protected]@K almost makes more sense.

It is an actual equation, and it starts W Delta D.

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