Jan 21 2008'Star Trek' Trailer Legitimately Available Online


The legitimate trailer for Star Trek has arrived online and in HD, effectively replacing the awful bootleg version from Friday, so you can really scrutinize it to your geeky heart's content.

For example, once you see it in HD, you'll surely notice that's not the correct plating on the saucer section. Everyone knows they used urythium on the saucer section, and urythium can only be welded with a modified phaser array, as seen in episode #204, stardate 40053. I made all of that up, but that's the gist of what I'm hoping someone will point out.

Star Trek Trailer [Yahoo!]

Reader Comments

Right now it still looks boooring ...

Wow...that is the most boring trailer I've seen since...Um...the last Star Trek movie trailer.

the movie looks boring based on this trailer? it's a pan shot of a ship being built.....what can be derived from what? lol

Would you watch a film that elevated the importance of automated doors, i think you would. But remember scotty when your demanding more power, remember those lazy fuckers on the bridge and beyond are too lazy to push and pull. Don't even bother to tell us Whoopi is going to be in it, my plasma conduit couldn't take it.

Horrible. Only a teaser trailer and he's fucking up the canon already.

I just hope the guys at NASA aren't writing down tips on how to build a spacecraft from this trailer.


im from Local 187 and i am curious are those guys union? cuz if not..we got issues..and no star wreak movie ill be goin to see..support the rights of the common workers..down with your capitalistic pigs .

oh and um..are they building on earth? cuz is into suposed to be build on uranus?

Dick Valentine...your a dork. The Enterprise isnt built on Uranus...there is speculation. But its been said to have been built in San Fransico ON Earth or at San Fransico Station in Earth orbit. People will argue either or.

why sanfranfagso..the amout of cheap offshore labopur is wickd cool..could build it in hondoras that would be so much better, and iport some parts from russia and belarus. use soe engineers from indonesia and northeast china. computer parts designed in america but made in china, and ....weappons from germany with engines from turkey.

damn that be so coool

you totally weren't making that shit up, don't even front. I'll sick my polarized tachyon beam on you, iwatchstuff guy.

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