Jan 18 2008'Star Trek' Teaser Trailer, in Glorious Cell Phone-Quality


Once again, the ingenuity of the modern bootlegger provides us with a blurry, flickering glimpse of the new Star Trek trailer without the ridiculous ticket price or hassle of entering society. It's too dark to get a good look at the Enterprise assembly, but still worth experiencing to hear Leonard Nimoy's updated, histrionic reading of the "space... the final frontier" line, said with the same dramatic intonation as you'd say, "I'm dying... But before I go, the treasure is..."

If YouTube has pulled this, try here.

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Hm, still doesn't convince me ...

Winona Ryder might though.

I'm surprised they still use stick welding that far into the future. Maybe it's like a retro thing. I bet they were vintage t-shirts while working too.


How much you want to bet that those scenes are form the end of the movie... $1 and a donut!

So the ship's being built on earth like it was during WWII. I swear I could see steel beams and girders! Fun to see how this retro-vised flick's being handled. Arc welding, contemporary 2008 clothes and hand cranked doors inside no doubt. Bet when the captain needs to call the sickbay, he'll be using a paper cup on a string to bring in the edgy "hip" feel in. And for further cool, if they need to know what's going on down on the planet. Somebodies got to look out the window (err, portal) for signs of whatever. Transporters? Who needs that?! When the captain goes down, you'll see them walk into a door and Poof! they're on the ground. J.J.'s got it all plotted out, you betcha. ....Now, all we need is some Space alien Nazis.

I'm pretty pumped for this movie actually.

"Under Construction"


uh... yeah, was waiting for "built ford tough".

Okay, I know it's hip to be all cynical and what not...but...I like it. I like it a lot and I'm not ashamed. I think I'm ready for new Star Trek movies.

I agree Mgroves....I saw it tonight with Cloverfield and it was AWESOME! I'm really excited about this movie.

Wow, No. 3, I totes didn't think of that, but you are so f'ing right!

They can't be at the *end* of the movie because if it's set while all of the crew was at the academy (minus Spock since he's older and Vulcan and he was serving on it at the time with Captian Pike) and the Enterprise was already in service. Unless it's undergoing a major refit like in (shudder) Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

That trailer made sitting through 80 minutes of shakey cam worth it. True Story.

Jabrams sucks.


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