Jan 22 2008'Star Trek' Gets All Viral Marketing Style


Man oh man, can't J.J. Abrams just be straight with anything? Why is everything a complicated mystery game with this guy? Looking at the official Paramount Star Trek site, there appears to be nothing but the teaser trailer and, like your ever-in-progress Geocities page, an under construction message... or so it would seem! Click the red light next to "under construction" message and you get sent here, to the worst video feed possible of the Enterprise construction. Despite the technological advancements that allow sophisticated space travel, it seems security camera quality and welding techniques will still remain virtually unchanged, if not worse, in the 23rd century.

Camera 01 is shown as being offline, but I'm pretty sure I saw something flash on it while the page was running in the background. Can anyone confirm this, or was I experiencing some sort of nerd mirage?

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adjust the feed (click the arrows till you are about to 100%) to get a worthless picture that makes you wish you hadn't wasted the time to do it.

That's crappy again!

But I loved your comment about the cams :))

If you refresh the page, a different camera goes offline and you can see the camera that was previously offline. Yeah, totally worthless right now, but I bet we will be able to see more later on.

It's the monster from Cloverfield.

It's still alive!!!

If you click on the three numbers you can get the feed to be exactly 100% but as E Dub said.. It's not worth it.

I don't think these damn Virals work for movies that take place in the dam future. How damn long does it take them to build the damn enterprise any damn way?


the force is strong with starfleet...

doesn't stuff in the future get built instantly by nanomachines or something? Man is this movie going to be awkward when that stuff gets invented before space travel

Oh wait, Star Trek you say? It's silly enough as it is...

I didn't refresh (I'll try that), but the setting for Cam 1 is 543, Cam 2 is 138, and Cam 3 is 951 (YMMV). Just long-range images of arc-welders working in the dark. Nothing to get juiced about any way you slice it.

I'm sure the numbers mean something to Abrams.

God damn, never mind the LAAAAAAAAAAAAAME trailer, wich has about half a second of new CGI footage (the rest is some macho men welding in some plant, might as well be stock footage), way to break $1k on the trailer JAY JAY, everybody know the Enterprise was built in orbit... I hate this JJ dude already...

camera 1 - 564
camera 2 - 125
camera 3 - 955
camera 4 - 289

Which is great, BUT WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!!!!!!

Do not need to click arrows, can just click on slider to "adjust" the clarity of the cams.

What's really lame is the title of the page:

Random Shipyard?

Ummm ... how 'bout Utopia Planetia Shipyard?

This guy better not fck up this franchise.

If you watch for a while or at random times
you see on the cam thats 'offlione' an image of inside the starship
if flashes up for about 3/4 seconds in black and white

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