Jan 30 2008'Son of Rambow' Trailer Far Better Than Actual 'Rambo'


Despite being perhaps a less-than-perfect adaptation of its source material, Garth Jennings' 2005 take on Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy was a visually interesting and overlooked picture, and I've awaited what would come next from the music video director.

It's finally arrived in Son of Rambow, a look at a sheltered boy making a homemade Rambo sequel with the help of his camcorder-toting friend. It sounds kind of hokey and overly-inspiring--and it may well be--but it also looks quirky, charming and heartfelt, and far more worthwhile than the actual Rambo. And with its talented, surprisingly naturalistic child cast, it will make you question why we let Dakota Fanning and Abigail Breslin continue believing they're four-and-a-half-foot Meryl Streeps.

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Awwww. They're adorable.

I'm sure it was heavily inspired by this:


Hooray. My mates in this film; I wasn't expecting it to get anywhere.

better than the actual Rambo? Are you serious? You should have your gender changed, by law. Rambo was the finest hour and a half of action movie badass to grace the silver screen in a billion years, which is about as long as film has been around(I checked). Rambo completely blows shit up in a non stop, rock your face off, manly man kind of way. The story is irrelevant. It's Rambo, for christ's sake.

Comparing it to this namby pamby heartfelt kiddy bullshit counts as blaspheme, and is punishable by jailtime in 57 states. Or so my lawyer tells me.

methere, I think that he was referring to the upcoming fourth installment in the Rambo series, entitled merely "Rambo," not to the original and admittedly classic film entitled "Rambo: First Blood." So turn your testosterone down.

Although, for the record, maybe you should start clarifying that a bit better, Mr. I Watch Stuff. Because there is some room for doubt, and if you WERE referring to the original, I second the previous post.

It's like if Wes Anderson was British and made movies about children.

You're a fucking scum nigger who has shit for brains and knows nothing about good movies or good actors, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was complete and utter fucking garbage. You're a fucking faggot.

Never, EVER compare Datoka "Old Soul" Fanning with Abigail Breslin, who actually looks and acts her age. Dakota creeps me the hell out.

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