Jan 28 2008'Snow Buddies' Trailer Demands Wide Release


After watching this trailer, it's clear Disney is making a terrible, terrible mistake releasing Snow Buddies straight-to-DVD. Having let The Land Before Time XVII and Aladdin V slip between the fingers of our nation's cinemas, I can't let another masterpiece go unnoticed. The following is an open letter to Disney for the theatrical release of Snow Buddies. Hurry up and sign! (Through comments, I guess?)

Dear Disney...

I apologize for the tardiness of this plea, but it was only just exposed, as you describe it in the trailer, to "something incredible." I refer, of course, to Snow Buddies, the inspirational tale of a kid reading a story about a mythological arctic dog that talks, then praying for his own snow dogs, then getting an inexplicable of delivery of talking, costumed golden retrievers, then becoming the first boy to race the Iditarod using a team of puppies, and finally winning his father's reluctant love. With this letter, I ask that you release this miraculous film to theaters.

Snow Buddies really speaks to me and my BFFs, all of us part of the "Air Bud Generation" who have fervently longed for hyper-intelligent golden retrievers to compete in sporting events with us. With Snow Buddies you've given us not one but five ill-prepared yet delightfully-characterized dogs--one is apparently a cartoon football player, one has gangsta "bling", one has an ascot (the gay one), one is of an Eastern faith (Buddha), and a necessary girl (with a ribbon)--to drop from the sky and compete in a dangerous sled race. It is no overstatement to say that, to us, this is manna from puppy heaven.

Educated audiences appreciate a family movie that doesn't pander to them. Snow Buddies clearly does not, accurately demonstrating a child's ability to use arc welding to assemble his own sled (thankfully the dogs are wearing specially designed doggy welding goggles in that scene, or I'd be calling PETA on you guys!) and then beating adult Russians in a dog race, successfully defeating two of the most hated demographics of the '80s--those Cold War bastards and old people.

Thank you, Disney, for hearing me out, and for making quality family entertainment about competitive sentient pets. Please give this charming film the theatrical release it deserves.

The General Public

Reader Comments

Dear Disney,

All of the above, not.



This would make a great title for my furry videos

Are you in the running for "Most Sarcastic Blogger" award again? I mean, good lord, it's one thing to pretend that this movie would be good, but you really took sarcasm to new heights with that one!

I'd argue this is less an extension of the "Air Bud" franchise, and more along the lines of "Homeward Bound 3: Snow Dogs 2"

you know this is the movie where like 40 of the dogs were destroyed because the producers lied and got the dogs too young and they got parvo. so yeah let's help them make their money back.


Shame on Disney for again hyping the Iditarod. The race is terribly cruel to dogs. Here's a short list of what happens to the dogs during the Iditarod: death, paralysis, penile frostbite, bleeding ulcers, bloody diarrhea, lung damage, pneumonia, ruptured discs, viral diseases, broken bones, torn muscles and tendons, vomiting, hypothermia, sprains, fur loss, broken teeth, torn footpads and anemia.

Iditarod facts: http://www.helpsleddogs.org

Hey, thanks for signing the petition, Margery! I totally agree with you... that this should be in theaters!

All joking aside, didn't they already make something like this? I swear I remember this movie about sled dogs who all have personalities with a black musher that I thought was from Disney... but whatever. I guess this one's the kids version.

I found it: it was called "Snow Dogs." Guess I was right.

#4 - agreed. I'm lovin' the threequel: sequel series mashup. It's an obvious winner we've got on our hands here, Disney is clearly making a mistake by sending it straight to DVD. Everyone loves talking puppies on a journey in the snow.


What Faustian pact has Disney made with Satan in order to get producers to GREENLIGHT this shit?!!

I know this is lame, but Disney has absolutely nothing to do with the Land Before Time. I'm surprised Anastasia wasn't worked in there too lol.

oops... the 2min mark ruins the ending. Oh well, I guess he wins and his father is proud of him. Shucks, I was really hoping to buy this too.

Actually Anastasia is NOT a disney movie..It is a FOX Movie. I dont know why everyone says its disney, look it up.

Margery Glickman is a liar who attempted to defame my friend's good name with her efforts to convince people to boycott his business. Despite his numerous efforts to prove without a shadow of a doubt that he had never sponsored an Iditarod. He had to hire an attorney to convince her to remove his name from her website. He had never even heard of the Iditarod until he received an email from a stranger complaining about his company's name on Margery Glickman's website. She needs to get her facts straight ! She's so wicked that she never even apologized for her gross mistake in identity. A child with an average level of intelligence could have easily determined that she had identified the wrong person especially after being presented with all of the evidence that she was provided with. In my oppinion Margery Glickman's integrity and credibility leaves a lot to be desired ! She lied then and who knows what she would lie about now to further her self centered cause. It's not about the animals it's all about Margery Glickman and her ego. Why don't you do the right thing Margery and print a retraction and an apology ?

I am a dog musher from Anchorage Alaska, and I would like to clear up a few of the facts Margery Glickman stated in her comment.

First of all, the percentage of dogs that die in the Iditarod is not nearly as much as the percentage of household pets that die everyday due to starvation, being hit by cars, neglect, etc. Out of the 52 million pet dogs in the United States, 6.2 million die every year due to the above mentioned causes. Thats 12 percent. Out of the 1088 dogs that started the 2009 Iditarod, 6 died. Thats only 0.6 percent.

The injuries that occur in the Iditarod are no different or worse than the injuries in any other major race. In the 2008 Boston marathon, paramedics treated over 900 runners in their medical tents. The injuries included: 3 heart attacks, dehydration, hyponatremia, hypothermia, sprained muscles, tendonitis, contusions, stress fractures, and much more. Any sporting event will show the same statistics – many injuries occur.

In 2009, 505 dogs (out of 1088) didn’t finish the race. That’s 46%. Just because 46% of the dogs don’t finish the race, doesn’t mean that all 46% dropped out due to injury or other causes. Out of the 505 dogs that didn’t finish the race, 256 were on teams that dropped out of the race all together. A large majority of the dogs are taken out of the race because the musher is stopping for their best interest. If a dog team is not strong enough to complete the race, a musher will drop out for the sake of the dogs. The dog musher’s primary concern is the health and safety of their dog team.

Average lifespan of a pet dog is about 12 years. Average lifespan of a sled dog is 14 years. This is proof that sled dogs are very well cared for throughout their life, and receive the best treatment possible. This is what allows them to have such a long lifespan.

You mentioned the use of a whip. Not many mushers use whips, but for those who do, the whip never comes in physical contact with a dog. The use of the whip is to create a noise which the dogs are trained to respond to, just like if a musher were to yell a command at the dog. The dogs are not afraid of the noise – the cracking noise the whip makes can be compared to the whistle a person uses to train hunting dogs.

A musher is not allowed to pass through a checkpoint until the dogs are checked over by the veterinarians. All of the vets along the race course are so skilled and well-trained that they can spot injuries by watching the way a dog acts. There are multiple vets at each checkpoint, so when a dog team pulls in, it doesn’t take more than a few minutes for the vets to completely check over the entire team.

Most mushers chain their dogs using a 10 to 12 foot chain, which gives the dogs a 112 square foot area to run in. The average dorm room size (for 2 people) is 228 square feet. Thats 114 square feet per person. A 112 square foot area provides plenty of room for a dog to run around in. Dog yards are also chained in to prevent animals such as wolves and bears from getting in.

Colonel Tom Classen was quoted in the comment, however, I have no idea why his opinion is qualified on the subject of dog mushing. Sure, he is a long time Alaskan resident, but he has no history with dog mushing or any sled dogs at all. He is an air force Colonel, not a veterinarian.

Mushers do not race the Iditarod for “fortune.” The cost to raise, train, and care for a competitive 16-dog Iditarod team for just ONE year is between 150 and 200 THOUSAND dollars. The winning prize in 2009 was $69 thousand. Mushing is a very expensive sport, and no dog musher makes a profit off of it.

Please don’t judge dog mushing until you can actually see sled dogs at work and see how much they love to do what they do. The “Sled Dog Action Coalition” that Margery Glickman mentioned is based out of Miami, Florida. I’m not sure how anyone from Miami can have any real knowledge about dog mushing.

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