Jan 22 2008'Sleepwalking' Trailer Is Like I've Been Sleepwalking, But It Woke Me Up


Overlook the initial desperation in conveying dysfunction (girl jumping off a diving board in roller skates and hating her life, the American Beauty music) and the distracting urge to figure out how you know young AnnaSophia Robb (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Bridge to Terabithia, I eventually realized) and you might be tempted to think Sleepwalking could be decent if typical indie fare. Admittedly, the cast of Charlize Theron, Nick Stahl, Dennis Hopper, and Woody Harrelson looks somewhat promising, but with a visual effects artist at the helm, and a film colorist writing contrived lines like, "It's like I've been sleepwalking... but you helped me--you woke me up," I'll keep my reservations about this one.

Reader Comments

looks a little predictable.....but watchable.

I'm sure it's already known, but you can flip pictures over...

My gf swears this is like every other Lifetime movie.

Wow! Charlize Theron is pretending to be poor and smoking! Wait, girls don't smoke. Let's give her a Golden Globe nomination.

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