Jan 2 2008JJ Abrams' 'Star Trek' Now Tyler Perry's 'Star Trek'


After providing their fictional future universe with a black, blind dweeb, a gruff black guy with bumps on his head and sash, a black commander and IBM endorser, and a black Spock, the owners of the Star Trek franchise are clearly running out of ways to push the series into the "urban markets" they've heard so much about. Do black nerds exist, they ask. If so, where are they? How do we get them? For god's sake, was the guy from Roots not enough?

Possibly inspired by George Lucas bringing the misplaced badass-ness of Samuel L. Jackson into Star Wars, they have one final, desperate idea. There is one last, gospel-inspired ace up their sleeve, and his name isTyler Perry.

Yes, the man who brought you Tyler Perry's Hey, I'm Dressed Like an Old Fat Lady, Tyler Perry's Hey, I'm Still Dressed Like an Old Fat Lady, and Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry and Friends Go Through Marital Strife with Janet Jackson is reportedly joining J.J. Abrams' Star Trek prequel as the head of Starfleet Academy.

I have to hand it to you, fellas. Nothing says "urban market" (and a high probability for morbidly obese cross-dressing) like Tyler Perry, except maybe Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence. This will surely be your entrance to the world of hip-hop music and cryptic slang that you've tried so long to grasp.

And while we're on the topic, can we drop the whole "urban" thing right now? We all know what you're talking about. Cloaking the subject of African-American audiences behind a broad regional term does not equate to racial tolerance. Its sentiment is far closer to "I'm afraid of black people, so maybe if I never address them openly they won't rob me. But how about that Kanye West, eh?"

Tyler Perry is in J.J. Abrams Star Trek Movie [UGO]

Reader Comments

Damn it all to hell! Why in the name of all that is holy (to geeks) would they give this tool a job on Star Trek?!?

I have to admit that I have never seen one single project this cross-dresser ever put out, but that was only because even the commercials made my eyes feel molested.

I was congratulating the ST people on keeping Shatner out, but now I can't respect them. They have abandoned all that is right.

Good thing I have my furry slave to dress like Chubaka so I will have someone to comfort me tonight.

Animate the dialogue between tards on forums.

I'd rather watch a movie that has Madea, Big Momma, and the fat lady from Norbit. On a plane.

The last paragraph of your article was really good, the rest gets a "meh".

I assume Tyler Perry can act and he won't be cross dressing, however if he did wouldn't that show a truly open society the Star Trek Federation is always going for? To seek out new life....... boldy go where no one (man) has gone before....

Tyler Perry is the new RuPaul.

I took another look at the picture under the banner, now imagine if that was a phaser instead of a skillet in his/her hands. He'd/she'd be gettin' a lot less lip from those two.

Boo JJ Abrams. This movie is going to be a disaster for the franchise, probably kill it off for good.

You've done it now, publicly demystifying the term, "urban." Now you'll wake in the middle of the night to Oprah Winfrey and Louis Farrakhan standing menacingly over your bed...

Disaster? No way...I, personally, am really excited for this and think its gonna rock.

whoever wrote this article is a racist. as a black man who has been a fan of star trek for over 30 years i find it insulting that you have a problem with the casting of almost every black actor that has appeared in star trek. the characters that they played were all different. i don't think that they were cast just to appeal to your so called "urban market". if that were the case they would probably be variations of the same type of character. you know black people are not monolithic. we have a variety of interest. perhaps if you were not so ignorant you would know this.

Softshoe is right,. the author is a jerk.

he smugly assumes movie studios dread association with people of color, when he is really projecting HIS feelings about them onto directors/producers.

he is only revealing himself to be the bigot.

so I heard u dun leik black people, so we put an urban guy in your movies so you can be racist while u be racist.

on a side note..

Enjoy ur ddos

the author is an ignorant asswipe......racist bigot prick....and star trek voyager rocked....

ERROR in XMen Origins:Wolverine

High marks for the high octane action and explosions aside, Xmen Origins- Wolverine was a pretty good summer adventure flick, and for fans a nice prequel to the original trilogy. But I have a few problems with it.
LAGOS, NIGERIA- Huh?? Diamonds? Why not say drugs surely. There is no illegal trade in diamonds in Nigeria, not on that scale anyway (an armed compound, tanks, the heavy artillery, etc).
Next, Lagos is the commercial capital of the country and has a pop. in the millions and let me tell ya if Wolvie and co in making so much noise when attacking the building this should have alerted the local cops/military to area real quick, no matter the time of day. Hell, it didnt even look like Lagos as I know it. Pure crap.
Next, the gang leader says the adamantium source is, and I quote, "a FEW MILES INLAND not more than 3 DAYS JOURNEY". This is sooo wrong. You need less than a few hours to get out Lagos State (County) and cross the rest of the country in a day and a half by car. Also a few hours aways will put outside Yoruba-speaking Lagos and probably into Igbo (used in the film), Edo, Ijaw, etc-speaking locales.
A FEW MILES vs 3 DAYS JOURNEY....Gavin, make up your mind man.
Finally, Ryan Reynolds (Wade/Deadpool) can't speak an iota of whatever the Director, Producers, Exec.Producers, studio heads, the whole shebang grossly & incorrectly assumed passed for a nigerian language. The native-guy spoke igbo, one of the country's major languages. Mr.Johanssen spoke...I don't know....spanish/mexican gibberish I guess, because that's how it sounded to me. Crappy stuff.
It seems to me that either the people behind the movie are either intellectually lazy, carried poor research and forgot/ didn't bother to fact-check their data, or were just plain lazy and insensitive which might just be the case if one follows the trend in which hollywood/big studios make movies these days [eg: Avatar: The Last Airbender].
I forgot, where the hell was Will-I-Am aka John Wriath on the Film poster...do I dare say it...no I think I won't...but I'm sure if you've seen the movie by now you'll know what I'm implying.
The Romance bit was a little over done but not too bad.
SUMMARY- The Wolverine movie folks didn't do their home work and its just plain sad, especially since XMO-W is all action with very little depth (loved it though) and so should have made out time to check their data. No matter how succesfully becomes, it will always be marred by this....Hollywood bears watching...

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