Jan 17 2008Image! Mulder and Scully, Together Again


Like many fans of the series, my interest with The X-Files began to wane as its one-off stories of incestuous freaks and mutants able to contort through narrow vents were slowly replaced by the long, confusing mystery of aliens and their involvement with Mulder's sister. Thankfully, this interview with creator Chris Carter has confirmed what many prior devotees hoped for: that the new film will drop the whole alien mythology crap. This news, along with the above first official image, has renewed some of my interest in this project. I have to admit, it is reassuring to see Mulder and Scully together again, and for once it's outside of the realm of erotic fan art.

'X-Files' returns to theaters, minus alien mythology [USA Today]

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I can't help it-- I'm having a full-on geek out right now. Thank the gods Carter is dropping that bullshit government conspiracy/alien storyline. It was fun for a few episodes, but got real old real quick.

And now, the geek out dance...

They both still look great.

I wish Darin Morgan was writing it.

Fox Mulder is back? I just had a geekgasm.

That's great news! The freak-of-the-week episodes were X-Files at it's best. I'm doing a little geek out dance, myself .

Gilian Anderson looked hot in The Last King Of Scotland and I try and drink along with Duchovny watching Californication so this could be fun as long as the smoking man comes back.



I liked the alien conspiracy stuff. Of course, I was only a casual viewer.

I was actually a fan of the first one. THE BEES OH MY GOD THE BEES!

But yeah, the show definitely went from really fucking scary, the completely farcical. I'm actually getting pretty excited for this project. I just hope they don't bring in Dodd. That's when the show went from shitty to unwatchable.

The X-Files jumped the shark after the first movie. It used to be my favorite show but I couldn't even watch the last season. I might watch this on DVD but I won't go to the theater.

Scully...fuck yeah!

Yes thank the Gods (help me) that Carter dropped all that bullshit conspiracy/government alien shit because without this shit THERE IS NO FUCKING XFILES>

Jesus people when you you realize that if the whole world suddenly turned into little sara lee cheesecakes sure you'd be ECSTATIC for about ten minutes then the fact that we'd all be fucked would set in.

When did Gillian Anderson trade chins with Tim Curry's character in "Legend"?

Ah, I'm so excited for this!
I actually told myself to be passive about it and not have any expectations in order not to be disappointed when it comes out, but screw that.

I remember liking the mythology (at least the first 4 seasons or so), but that was because I still thought Chris Carter actually knew what he was doing and was GOING somewhere with it. Which he wasn't.

So glad Dogget and Reyes aren't part of it.

proteon it's not that I don't like any of the alien conspiracy episodes, they worked really well as season-long arcs, but they started to take over in the later seasons, and they weren't balanced with stand-alone episodes. There were times when it felt like Carter had too many episodes with which to tell the conspiracy story, and the show really plodded along as a result. The conspiracy storyline started as the mythology that held the show together, but in the end it dragged it down, and frankly, I got bored of it all.

You lost me with the cheesecake bit.

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