Jan 16 2008'Doomsday' is a Stereotypical Post-Apocalyptic Prison World


It makes perfect sense that, presented with a contagious, deadly virus, mankind may be forced to take the inhumane route of quarantining those infected (and Scotland seems like as good a place as any). Where I start to question the plot to Doomsday is when it's revealed that, having apparently found a cure, the quarantined set about creating the most cliched post-apocalyptic society imaginable instead of, say, finding a way out of their pen. And when the virus shows up in the outside world, it again seems unlikely that a shapely young lady in gym spandex is the best candidate to enter the quarantined zone--its inhabitants now a violent tribe, equal parts Mad Max and Gwar tribute band--to bring back the cure. Will Rhona Mitra succeed, saving the world? If gratuitous ass shots are any indication, then yes.

Reader Comments

Britney Spears cameo at 1:55!

All this movie's missing is Snake Plissken. Of course, adding him would only move this one from the "Cheap Knock-Off" category to "Redundant and Unnecessary Sequel" -- Not exactly an improvement.

I guess 'Further Beyond Thunderdome' was taken.

Im gonna wait until someone else sees it and tells me if Rhona Mitra gets naked. She was slammn' hot in that Ali G movie, but that was a tease.


Well that looks retarded and isn't it a pandemic, not an epidemic.

How about "Escape from New York: The vagina monologues" as a title.

How 'bout "28 Days after Mad Max Escapes from New York"?

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