Jan 22 2008'Cloverfield' Monster: Dead or Alive?


In today's point-counterpoint, we have Vink on one side, who's pointed out that if you brought some sort of audio recording device into Cloverfield, stayed past the credits, recorded the strange voice, then used a program to reverse that audio, you can hear a voice saying, "It's still alive." I assume everyone already did this, but here's the clip if you didn't for some reason.

On the other side of the argument, we have the above image, just updated on the official site. I have to say, it makes a pretty convincing argument for "not alive."

Thoughts? (Quoting Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" is allowable as your thought.)

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Well, if he is alive, I hope that fucker's in jail or something, 'cause he's crazy.

damn i gotta go get my 1 dollar copy i mean 10 rmb copy of the movie in china..no bootlegs yet here:( ill pass judgment when the russian serbo-croat- kazac translation ends...hope the dont splice in something stupid like english

It doesn't matter whether the beast is alive, because no one will care if they make a sequel.

That picture is a whale that was bitten by the monster. It's already been discussed in multiple forums because the monster is quite a bit bigger than what is shows on that shore.

But a sequel. Who cares? The movie was awesome. It did everything the movie was supposed to do. Basically anyone that didn't like it will LOVE Meet the Spartans.

wow, a whale in new york harbor


Is there some kind of way (I dont know how) you could actually give us the orgasm of release we've been built up to with all the hype here? Transformers was a big handjob with no load blown; so was this - soon it will be Dark Knight. A daily "story" about it to get your heart pounding then - nothing. Im not saying you have to say "ok ok transformers was not worth half the press I gave it" but nobody cares about 'worth' on a movie site. Where was the OMFG THE COVERFIELD MONSTER!!! ;'story'?

You have the "build up" exactly right even though the LeBoof kid isn't my type; you need a little help with the 'release' part.

Any ladies out there?


If you do a quick circle motion with the mouse while dragging the pictures, you can flip them over. Looks like there's something on chinese/japanese of the back of the appropriate picture. Anyone able to translate?

boring movie

I think Im thinking of something like:


Did it ever dawn on you to use the term 'spoiler' when constructing this?

This isn't a spoiler. It's on the damn site, along with a bunch of other pointless picks.


It's the Coney Island clip at the end of the movie. The image and splash on the right hand side)

I hated that extra at the end. Mostly because who ever said it wasn't dead even after a freaking nuke went off near them.

I can only explain their insane survivability on the fact JJ Abrams never said the main characters WEREN'T super men from an alien planet.

Thanks for spoiling it for me, dickhead


1. They never confirmed that the "hammerdown" was nukes

2. The pic was up on the site the day the movie came out and it is mos def a whale thats been bit by the monster

3. There is nothing in the skyline of that pic that makes me think that its New York Harbor, there are a bunch of other pics on the site of boats attacking something. That didn't happen in the movie so we have to assume that it happened either before or after the movie.

4. The movie was rad

5. Fool's Gold will be the movie of the year.

In response to Gary's comment. It just looks like a recipe for whatever is on the front of that picture.

Those are whales.

Did anyone have anyone puke in the movie theater? I had some dude puke so hard from the camera movement, that it made the movie worth staying for.


Yeah I agree with Slyzod. Those pictures were going on before the movie and the day of the movie. For all we know rob and beth were found with the camera still alive. There are a lot of things that are possible. But JJ has said he wanted this to be a franchise. SO to other movies could be Military point of view and the monsters demise. Then Taguratos point of view and the monsters creation or discovery. They would probably all take place at the same time period exept maybe the Tagurato one. It would probably be both that time and before.So there is a lot up in the air about what happend or is going to happen. But I think the viral stuff will keep popping up now and then with new things.

Wow. OK, I'll try to respond to some things for once.

- This really isn't much of a "spoiler." Knowing that the monster either lives or dies won't affect the experience too much.

- This may very well be a whale or other large sea creature.

- Sorry for all the build-up without release. My thoughts: I saw it over the weekend, and I think it's a pretty good time if you can look past the glaring improbabilities, which, strangely, have more to do with geography, dialogue, survival, and cell phone usage than the feasibility of a monster attack. I'd have been really impressed if it were a TV movie.

- Vince was only writing here for a brief time months ago. But if you want to keep saying Vince, that's fine.

and also... I liked the movie more than I thought I would. I had been keeping up with everything on line, but still was expecting a dissapointment. However I was wrong. But the main complaint I had was the monster looked way too much like a giant version of the monster from "The Host" a korean monster film that came out last year.

It's not a whale. The section on the left clearly has horns or spikes of some sort.


...i'm a cowboy....on a steeeeel horse i riiiiiiiiide. i'm waaaanted...deeeead or aaliiiiiiive..

and i don't know about the rest of you, but when i get punctured with like a three feet long piece of rebar, i usually die and am not able to run at full speed.

Or lift my arm above my head to fix my hair after dragging my almost unconscious boyfriend from a helicopter wreck.

Not just punctured with a three foot long piece of rebar, but punctured by a three foot long piece of rebar directly through the left lung.

Here's what I've heard speculated:

Hammer Down is actually fuel-air bomb ala 28 Weeks Later. The fire you see in the film makes a lot more sense for that outcome than it does for a nuke blast. Besides, if it were a nuke, there would be an electronic surge that cut out the camera, thusly, making it impossible for the final little voice sequence at the end of the movie that JJ Abrams is slowly killing us with.

Additionally, whatever has a huge chunk bitten out of it could very well be something that isn't a whale. I mean, the whole premise of the movie is that something mutant was created in the ocean. Why couldn't there be more mutants? I've heard speculation that whatever fell into the ocean in the background of the Coney Island video was a Japanese satelite of some kind--I'm not sure though.

Spring Street to 59th Street in no time flat! Who needs cabs or the subway where you can walk there in 15 minutes.

Those are whales, the one on the left is a sperm whale.


I left the 1-18-08 window open and the monster screams suddenly. Unfortunately, I had all the pictures flipped over so I couldn't see if one of them changed.

There are three pictures with writing on the back. Two to Rob, one in Japanese, I would assume.

Did anyone see any change when the Monster roared?

IT"S A FEW WHALES that were attacked by the creature. On the left, there's an open mouth of a Sperm Whale, with its teeth in plain view. That's a bite mark right above its top jaw/nose area. It's on its side. Google Image "Sperm Whale" and you'll see...

Ahhh I see it now.

That pic is supposed to be a whale? I definitely see the bite marks, but it is waaayyy too small to be from the monster in the movie.

Also, the movie sucked, and I payed for two (me and my girlfriend). I honestly want my money back.

Oh, and nothing changes when the monster roars.

Hmm. I think this is the kind of movie where a sequel isn't nescessary. I think Cloverfield stands up fine on it's own.

You Welcome!

I assumed you'd also post the following, unedited post-credits clip (which I DID NOT make). Save it before it gets 'nuked':


****Semi-spoiler alert****

Let's not forget there were little spider/crab-like creatures, similar to 1998's forgettable Godzilla movie. Maybe there's some that are still alive. Plus, maybe the monster in CF is the mother or father and the possible sequel will have the mother or father seeking revenge.

And believe me I am still alive...

I'm doing science and I'm still alive...

I feel FANTASTIC and I'm still alive...

And when you're dying I'll be still alive...

And when you're dead I will be still alive...

Still alive!

Still alive.

You guys are stupid that's not a whale it has horns!!!!! And that splash at the end could have been anything like a fish or something nothing fell from the sky! This movie was lame you guys are reading into it too much...

I'm not a cockmongler nerd, so I rather enjoyed Cloverfield. I'm looking forward to seeing it again, and Hasbro's proposed art toy will be on the shelf next August.

Enjoy all of that man meat, fellas.

I agree with Kelsi. It's definitely not a freaking sperm whale. The one on the left DOES NOT even look like a sperm whale. It's got horns coming out of it. I don't know about anyone else but i've never seen a picture of a sperm whale with horns coming out of it.

I really do hope they make a sequel to this movie. It's a huge bummer when movies don't explain things and just leave you hanging.

for starters...the one on the left is a sperm whale...the one on the right could also be a sperm whale mainly because that is how a skinned sperm whale looks like sans the fins...
Also...the explosions at the could have been nuclear explosions but then again you didn't see the flash that is accompanied with the blast. don't use the rebuttal that the heatwave would have incinerated the film seeing as it wasn't recorded on film but on an SD memory chip...you'd know that if you saw and read the intro babble.

Cloverfield 2 coming straight to DVD! They can call it a Blockbuster "Exclusive"

A) If those aren't whales then they're something that it ate. You can't argue that. There is a giant bite mark in it.

B) What's the deal with the the night vision picture. There was no sea battle. At least it didn't seem like there was. But there are clearly picture there that are navy battle ships either destroyed (no that's not the tanker. That's a navy destroyer) or shooting something in the ocean.

C) Does anyone have the clip with it falling in the ocean at the end?

Oh. Here is a clip from ONE of those pictures at sea....



Vince is a great name.

I hope we can achieve release with Dark Knight.


I'm not sureif this has already been covered, but this is a response to "SLUSHO!", post #12. Here there be spoilers:

"I hated that extra at the end. Mostly because who ever said it wasn't dead even after a freaking nuke went off near them.
I can only explain their insane survivability on the fact JJ Abrams never said the main characters WEREN'T super men from an alien planet."

Dude, did you even watch the movie? All through the tape they're stopping and inter-cutting into what was previously recorded on it. After the bomb goes off the tape stops its recording, and the last images we see are the last seconds of the previous footage, Rob and Beth and their day together at the fair. The last words "I had a good day" are freaking haunting since this day we witnessed overwriting the "good day" was easily the worst day ever.

I'm surrounded by idiots, I swear to god.

Everything is spoiled here


There were detailed pics of the monster here, days before the movie:

Hmm. I heard that garble after the credits. Yes, I nearly hyperventilated during the movie from yawning so much, but I still sat through the credits. I thought there might be a little something at the end to justify how bad the movie sucked.

@1 Hah! He should be punished. Who's going to clean up that mess? Give that monster an orange vest and a trash bag!!

@12 Hmm...even stranger is that there were detailed closing credits on a frantic pre-death home movie. (Was it necessarily the losers with the camera talking? I thought it sounded like a radio voice. Why would they be talking backward on their tape, anyway?)

@17 I did get nauseous. This movie BLEW! It made me wanna SPEW! Even though for once in the history of cinema, shaky camera was justified, I still hate shaky camera, and I think that "Traffic/Syriana" ass should be in jail for his stupid camera work.

@18 Franchise? If someone flushes their production money for a sequel, I'll probably just read the plot on Wikipedia or ask someone else who suffered through it.

@22 Yeah, wouldn't there be some bleeding after it was removed? Maybe it had clotted, but pulling a ridged bar through a wound might undo that. Also, that fool was still carrying a camcorder during all this.

@37 I think there was an "appreciate the time you have" theme, but the movie was too poorly made to get it across with any impressionable power.

@39 Straight to Sci-Fi channel, probably. Cloverfield 5 - Cheerleader Slumber Party Massacre!

@43. True, the camera apperantly stopped recording a few moments after the blast (EMP), although I don't recall anyone confirming a nuke anyway, unless I was in a coma from boredom at that moment.

That camera had an awesome battery, FOR SURE!

I thought the "good day" thing was INTENDED to be freaking haunting, but turned out to be freaking pretentious, cloying, stiff, and ultimately forgettable.

@25: "Spring Street to 59th Street in no time flat! Who needs cabs or the subway where you can walk there in 15 minutes."

They didn't walk there in 15 minutes. It seemed like that to us watching, as that's all we saw, but the camera was shut off and turned on throughout their walk. It most likely took them an hour or so, maybe less considering you're scared for your life and in a hurry.

@45: "That camera had an awesome battery, FOR SURE!"

Your sarcasm isn't lost on me, but I don't understand why you'd even mention the camera's battery life, as it shouldn't be in question. The movie is just us viewing the video that was filmed on the camera, unedited. Now, seeing as how the film is only a brisk 1 hour and 20 minutes or so, one would clearly realize that the camera was only in use for less than 1 hour and 20 minutes. The camera battery is made to run for at least a handful of hours, so there would be plenty of battery juice for that camera to film what it filmed.

Well, with the sound, it seems pretty obvious to me that something "is still alive". Now, you had to search for it, that must mean they left themselves a fake open end to possibly shoot a sequel. Bastards.

The Japanese in the back is a Recipe for.. something. The bottom paragraph are the instructions to make whatever the hell it is. I'm sure somebody will babel fish it if that's their fetish. I find it humorous that this creature likes to bite "small" chunks out of animals that would fill it's stomach properly.

Cloverfield blew. I'm sure we've all seen those disaster videos where there's somebody videoing something -then SUDDENLY!!!- Explosion! Crashes! Gunfire! and then the camera becomes a blur of feet and fleeing people, yet here we are- watching as if the guy's got the camera bolted on his/her head thru-out... lame. EVERbody looks DIRECTLY into the camera instead of the person holding it.

Someone is attacked!! FILM IT and watch the person get their faces pealed off (she didn't, but the ass didn't do nothing but film the attack) or even more assinane; helicopter is LEAVING NOW -... no.... let's take a tour around the pretty Explosions.. Got your camera on?

The movie might as well have plastic tanks and insanely motivated soldiers like those old Japanese rubber suit flicks, since they acted that way thru-out. Weapons appearantly from the '70s are used with great abandon with wildly miss aimed attacks rampant. Didn't we watch video shots of missiles flying into buildings back in '91? It's Vietnam all over again!!!

Remember. Even if you watched the entire show, you still can complain loud enough to get your money back.

#43 Then who is saying "It's still alive" ?
The monster?

Okay who the hell brought a camera and played it backwards to see what it said?

There's a concept you guys might want to look into. It's called suspension of disbelief. It makes movies much more enjoyable. But what am I thinking? Of course Cloverfield would have been much better if there was 2 hours of footage in the middle with them walking through a pitch black subway tunnel. Or if 70% of the movie was jumbled footage of feet. I mean really, they should have just just aired 90 minutes of your local news traffic cam. That's crazy realistic and way more important than trying to tell an interesting story.

For everyone wondering about the pics at sea, a few days before the movie was released, a bunch of fake news broadcasts about an offshore drilling station being attacked were released. The company Rob was going to work for in Japan was drilling and presumably woke something up. That's why the thing falling from the sky is so interesting to me, since they've been leading us to believe that it came from under the sea (cue Disney tie-in).

the explosions at the could have been nuclear explosions but then again you didn't see the flash that is accompanied with the blast. don't use the rebuttal that the heatwave would have incinerated the film seeing as it wasn't recorded on film but on an SD memory chip...you'd know that if you saw and read the intro babble.

Yeah, but you'll note that throughout the film they refer to "the tape". It makes no sense that it would actually be an SD card since you can't can't record over footage on an SD card the way it's shown. NOTE TO DOUCHEBAGS: THIS IN NO WAY HARMS THE FILM, IT'S JUST INTERESTING. The camera was also clearly buried under rubble. I don't know enough about nuclear explosions to say whether a DV tape would be harmed by radiation or an EMP, but it's entirely plausible. I think it was purposeful that they didn't specifically say whether it was a nuke or not, but I do know that a nuclear explosion has to be set off by a smaller explosion, which would explain the two distinct explosions in the movie.

A guy I went with had to go puke.

And for the love of formica, did you guys ever consider that the backwards audio after the credits was not part of the video footage and just thrown in because they thought it would be neat?

PS Let's all feel sorry for Drew Goddard and Matt Reeves who actually did all the writing, directing and other work for this fairly successful "JJ Abrahams" film.

I think that's a picture of happy sea creatures the cloverfield munched on.

This is a dead sperm whale:
Now, flip it on its other side, and it looks exactly like the one up top there (sans chomp-mark.) It's "horns" are actually a fin.

I don't understand why people didn't like Cloverfield. It was a monster movie, it was survival horror, it was a suspence thriller... I'm with Grover. Entertain yourselves for once.

LOL @ the idiots that paid full price for a little over an hours worth of a shaky TV movie. Way to show hollywood they can get away with shit movies like this.

LOL @ #54! U R CRZY FCKN STOPID!!!1!!!!1!11!!1

#54 is an idiot for seeing the movie, too!

I will never see a sequel to it unless they shoot it in a normal way. that damn movie practically gave me motion sickness.

I heard there's going to be a sequel where the Cloverfield monster and GLaDOS team up with Aperture Science technology to teleport the monster anywhere on the face of the earth. Just passing it along...

Alien Vs. Cloverfield

I am so there!!!!

They should have Alien and Predator vs Cloverfield and Godzilla...i wonder who'd win?

no no no. that is not a sperm whale or any whale of any kind. look in the front of the photo where there is a bird (seagull?) that has just landed next the cloverfield monster, which is what it is. a sperm whale isn't that big. and the only kind of whales that would make that bird appear that small wouldn't be near any shore.

Anyone who can't see how thats a sperm whale is a moron... Take a nice long look, its pretty easy to see if you stop insisting theres horns involved. The horn is a fin, the face is pointing toward us, his tale toward the sea (not really visible). Mouth is open, the white parts are teeth.
Courtney, go look up how big whales are.

that is nothing like the monster that is like the whales it ate.


Holy shit, did u actually just say Cthulu. Have you even watched the movie!. I saw it today and i thought it was good but there were deffinatly things wrong with it. But the one thing i really know is wrong, is comment 64.

PS. has anyone got a clip of the "Object" falling into the sea at the end, i was looking for something but i missed it.

@VaultDweller13: Hey, finally someone with enough gamer knowledge to get my reference (I could tell by your name - Fallout FTW). GLaDOS and a monster team up? Now THAT I'd want to see.

Ha, and these guys think THEY'RE nerds with their JJ Abrams trivia...

Hello.I personally LOVE cloverfield.If they made a segual id SO buy it n Watch it

The year is still young but as of now. WORST MOVIE OF THE YEAR! It would have only been a decent movie if the head of the statue of liberty had crushed all the characters right at the beginning.
Studios dump the crap movies in January and Cloverfield just proves that rule. The only people who deserve any praise are the PR dept who hyped it so well.

o it's alive alright. that picture is of dead whales, not the monster

its Nessie, duh.

check this link out

after u see the video
go to 1-18-08.com that a cloverfield link it show a couple of pictures and one is related to this video chek it out and tell me wat ya think..

How could the monster still be alive im surprised its alive from all those bombs thats bullshit

well the main guy that had a party for him would have been screwed both ways cause if he went to japan godzilla would have got him

How could it be alive? For all we know it can regenerate.

Oh, and the one on the left is most definitively a sperm whale...I don't know why people keep saying it has horns...the only thing that could be mistaken for a horn is it's left pectoral fin. And, as to courtney, who said sperm whales aren't that big...today most sperm whales top out at about 60 feet long, with some recorded specimens growing as large as 90 feet (although sperm whale size has significantly decreased due to extensive whaling). A sixty foot long whale with about 120 tons of meat on her would utterly dwarf a seagull. That size comparison in the photo is fair accurate.

You are all wrong about the clip. He's not saying "It's still alive." He's saying "I'm still alive." We all assume they died from the bombardment but it's a little teaser at the end to suggest that might not have been the case.

the problem is, the movie assumes that we care whether he lived.

So you see the teaser is both irrelevant, and also consistent with the movie's web site.

The new Cloverfield Monster toy is out.
Pics: http://1-18-08.blogspot.com/2008/02/cloverfield-monster-toy-pictures.html

That's not the monster all destroyed in the pic w/ the whale. Thats just an image showing the destructive power of the monster. The bones are a whales ribs and lower jaw bone (looks like a curved bone)

@#17 christopher - nobody puked in the showing I saw, BUT (pun intended and a spoiler follows, so if you are a crybaby like those above, stop reading) this black dude that was sitting with his wife 3 seats down from me and my wife TOTALLY and COMPLETELY had a major asplosion when the big monster jumped up and tagged the helicoper. I nearly pooped, too. This guy did, and got right up and walked down the iles right past us, presumibly to go clean his dirty butt up, cropdusting doody funk all over the theater. Now I truely know where the term 'so scared I crapped myself" comes from. 100% true story. This is a huge compliment for this film. I thought it rocked and soundly revivied the 'Big Monster' horror genre.

I listened to the audio many times over and got other ppl to listen to it as well(without telling them what i thought it said or where it was from) and came to the conclusion we don't here anything before the "Still alive?" apart from some rustling.

I personaly thought that it said "I'm" or "We" are still alive...
wich makes me think there will be either a sequel about the girl and the guy under the bridge...or sequel about anothe group of peple with a camera filming the exact same event just form a different point of view

I heard that their are two monsters but I don't really know.

ok, i just say this movie today. i personally thought it to be a masterpiece. i was tensed up the whole time once the first explosion hit. call me gay, but this movie was ridiculous. i ddint get quesy from the shaky cam. the great thing about this is the fact that these questions... NEED NOT BE ANSWERED! JJ Abrams was going for a mysterious aspect here, which he achieved. like, ok, you dont know what happened to marlena. you could say that she was either shot, or a parasite busted out of her chest, who gives a rats ass? the point is to experience what the people present experienced, so they dont know what happened to her either. now, being in the army, this movie was especially interesting, because i was able to distinguish what was happening in that aspect. which brings me to my next point. the chopper ride, when the stealth bomber carpet bombs the monster, was realistic. not in the sense of graphical integrity, but rather how chopper pilots fly. where the chopper took off from, if they hadnt gone the way they had, theyd have flown over ocean. not too productive, considering the bird was probably not full filled on fuel anyways. making a wide swath to get back to land wouldve been time consuming, and just as potentially dangerous. now the picture up top, IS a sperm whale. so shut up about it. i didnt stay for the voice after the credits, i was physically drained from being tense the whole time. i hear It's still alive when i listen to the clip provided though. the defining moment in this movie is when the group is running down the street after robs brother dies, and you see a rocket go over their heads. then hud goes to one side and the others go to the other side. the army walks through blowing shit up, firing rounds, and accomplishing nothing but coating their rifles in carbon. this movie was more realistic, because in a lot of movies where the US Army is involved, they are portraited as being victorious. Now, sure enough, in real life, we typically are. i can however provided a good example of where we got ass raped. Mogadishu. We don't always hands down win the battles we fight, sometimes we get our asses handed to us, orm god willing, we can make an escape. If you really look at this movie, it portraits what could possible happen, in the unlikely event a giant monster attacks NYC. In one scene, rob tells that sergaent where beth is, and the sergeant says thats not where you want to be. He stated thats where the battle was taking place, and that they (the army) were losing. In reality, we could lose, especially since the movie tells us nothing about this monster, there are no definites. Except that we know it spawns little Starship Trooper bug things that cause you to do something crazy internally(Theory: grow another bug thing? remember, we didnt see WHY marlena splattered that screen with blood. ) We dont know its name, where it came from, what it is, its powers(bear with me, i mean stuff like regenerating), or why its attacking NYC. all in all, i personally enjoyed the movie, call me whatever you want. It stands on its own, though id watch it again from the armys POV, or someone elses for that matter.

Iwatchstuff has already confirmed that Paramount has signed on for a Cloverfield 2, wouldn't that at least cause the assumption that either a) the monster is still alive or b) the stupid-as-fuck main characters from the first movie

@ZeroSource: You're in the Army and THIS made you tense?! I guess you are not really doing your job that well, are you? Also, you are a spelling and grammatical nightmare.

This movie should have been called "Giant boring pubic lice attack New York City" still would have done fine at the box office.

::Spoilers, yo::

"Additionally, whatever has a huge chunk bitten out of it could very well be something that isn't a whale. I mean, the whole premise of the movie is that something mutant was created in the ocean. Why couldn't there be more mutants? I've heard speculation that whatever fell into the ocean in the background of the Coney Island video was a Japanese satelite of some kind--I'm not sure though."

Yes, you're right. What fell into the ocean at the end of the Coney Island clip was a Japanese satellite, verified by JJ Abrams. He said that the creature had already existed in the ocean for several hundred years, sleeping. When the satellite fell, it stirred the creature. Hence the following carnage.

"boring movie"

so true.

It is definetly a sperm whale. I didn't think it was, but this convinced me:
53. Heather - January 24, 2008 1:45 PM

This is a dead sperm whale:
Now, flip it on its other side, and it looks exactly like the one up top there (sans chomp-mark.) It's "horns" are actually a fin.

but i also think you guys are trying to hard. chill. it's just a movie. and especialy don't have heated arguments or debates over it.

That's me in the post above this one, and i forgot to add that maybe the one the left is a sperm whale but the one on the right is something else (part of the monster, different mutant, more whales...)

I've only seen this movie twice so far, and I've never personally taken to spoilers of any kind; due to the savory of a sequel. But I have noted that any sort of sequel will take some time to finish and publish, and took upon Google and various other sites.

As for the shoreline picture, the corpse on the right is infact a Sperm Whale, along with the one on the right. But as a little pointer, look towards the small space in between the creatures, it looks like the tip of the tail from the monster. Hm?

And for the falling object spoiler, I haven't seen that, but if anyone has any good links or pictures, let me know.

If you watch the end of the movie, at the carnival, you will see the monster flying through the air and landing in the ocean, so it actually is an alien of some sort.

Also, Im pretty sure that is a picture of some whales it must have eaten.

yaa gitu dech, gue pusing gtl
walaupun mm mungkin nih yaa, gue tau apa rahasia2 dibalik filmnya, mungkin gue bakal sukaa.. tumaaan kalna geu gag ngelti, kayana gue blum yakin gimanaaa gietu klu ni pilem lamee. ada yg tau gag rahasiana apa?

Thats not the monster at the end. J.J Abrams said it was a satelite that fell out the sky and woke up the monster. The monster was living underwater for thousands of years. The sequal is suppose to be from another person's point of view.

that is not a sperm whale on the right it has horns! and the thing on the left has a giant claw on it / in it / or atached to it. there.

i have a monster in my back yard and its alive oops i should not have said that forget about that

hope you die

Watch the blueray special edition

i think half and half but the "horn" is said to be a tail but i noticed that the tail is lying in the ocean, so it might not be a whale.also someone said by comparisson of - seagull < thing - that its toobig to be a whale and that "if it is, its to big to be near shore." that might be true but
1-mind you clover was in the sea and conld have held it in its mouth or thrown it after biting it.
2-iven if they lanched a nuke it would not cause bite marks or have goten scrached up(like the upclose whales fin is).
AND 3-the bite is about the size of clovers mouth and i know from the camera showing his face 2 or 3 times.

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