Jan 22 2008'Choke' On This (Clip from 'Choke')!


Whether you think writer Chuck Palahniuk is a brilliant satirist or a hackie shock author, Clark Gregg's Sam Rockwell-starring adaptation of Choke is sure to draw some big attention now that Fox Searchlight bought the picture for $5 million. It probably won't reach the immense popularity of Fincher's Fight Club, but its dark subject matter and matter-of-fact handling of sexual deviancy is sure to elicit some of the same responses--"This shit's totally f***ed up, dude," for one.

See a short interview with Gregg and some clips here.

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thanks so much for putting this up! im soo excited and think denny looks awesome

hurray for Sam Rockwell!

I can't wait. I loved this book, and I was worried it wouldn't get made correctly because of the touchy subject matter. Looks like they're not skimping, which pleases me to no end.

Palahniuk wrote a few good books (Choke, for one). Now his act is getting old and repetitive. If you've read one, you've read them all. Hackie shock author is probably the best way to describe him now.

Thank God it was picked up; this movie is amazing.

I always felt that the ambiance of Choke was very dark. It seems to be filmed in a very pastel/light tone. I dunno how I feel about that. I loved the book. Lullaby and Survivor would be other good film adaptations if done right. I love Palahniuk, but I'm still a bit apprehensive about this movie.

heck yesss. I think chuck p is the mannnn and this book was great.

Glad another one of his books if finally getting made into a movie. Survivor has been talked about for what seems like ages but I just don't see it happening right now. Nothing ever seems to come up new about it just "Its in production for 2006" "its in production for 2007" "its in production for 2008" sooo maybe 2010?

I love Chuck's books. Cant wait for this movie.

i love this book cant wait to watch tthe movie

I enjoyed Survivor and Fight Club; aside from that, I've been pretty bored with Palahniuk. His books offer little variety, and Choke was my least favorite of the bunch.

hackie shock author! hackie shock author!

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