Jan 30 20083D 'Coraline' Trailer, Except Not in 3D


The early HD preview released last month already provided more than enough reason to get excited about the Neil Gaiman/Henry Selick/TMBG collaboration, Coraline, but this 3D trailer raises the bar even higher. I bet it looks even better with the 3D glasses on, and if it weren't taken with someone's shitty camera phone. I mean, just listen to the man in the theater shouting at the needle heading towards him. Some of that is actual fear and the inability to distinguish film from reality, but at least part is probably excitement at how good it looks.

Reader Comments

Will this movie have a wide spread release? Or does it need to be projected on a special screen?

The establishment has to be set up for them. We never get 3d movies around here... closest theater to play them without going to Canada is 4 hours away. *sigh*

Yeah, who'd a thunk Neil Gaiman fans would have trouble discerning mediocre fantasy from reality? OH NO HE DID.

Hmm. Neil's a great author. But uh...

Mirrormask? Ehh.

Stardust? Better..

Hopefully Coraline will follow the trend of Gaiman movies getting progressively less boring. I only wish Yoshitaka Amano did animation. An animated version of Sandman : Dream Hunters is only one kind of dream, a wet dream.

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