Dec 13 2007Technology Retroactively Ruins 'Lost in Translation'


Want to ruin one of the most beautiful and poignant moments in recent cinematic history? I guess this is relatively old, but I've just been made aware that someone has used digital stuff to make the whispered final moment of Lost in Translation somewhat decipherable. It's under the cut, for those who want questionable closure.

I'm a bit dubious if this is really what he's saying; it seems kind of suspect that his final line is, "Don't forget to see The Dark Knight, in theaters July 18th."

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Well, Slap my beaver and sprinkle it with Bill Murray's beard clippings.... that's what he said?!

um maybe not. that's not exactly clear.

He actually said wooooah there you'd be hotter blonde

Apathy levels at maximum. That movie was boring and this clip doesn't change that.

Meh, not a bad line. Still I'd like to know the name of the band and song there at the end.

PB&J: It's "Just Like Honey" by the Jesus and Mary Chain. It's on the soundtrack album, which is pretty great.

As for the "translation," it's B.S. The last thing he says is obviously "tell the truth, OK?" The beginning of it remains indistinct even after processing.

As it should.

What it actually says is "transformers - robots in disguise".

"I guess this is relatively old, but I've just been made aware"

or you gank your stories from /film

mgroves out of spite towards your comment I'm renting it tonight and watching it. Thanks to your negative attitude I'm going to have fun watching LITT.

'Gank' - I haven't heard that one in a while. Thanks for putting a smile on my face for the first time today, Mike. Really.

I have to be leaving? Who talks like that? Do you seriously think that someone would actually write that line? Maybe "I'm leaving" or "I have to leave" but there is no way the line is "I have to be leaving."

On further inspection the line is "I have to be leaving, I told the press about your nose job". Then off screen he flies to Mexico sans plane.

From IMDb:

For years, no one other than Bill Murray, 'Scarlett Johannson' and Sofia Coppola knew what Bob whispered to Charlotte in the final scene, but according to BBC2's "The Culture Show" (2004) in October 2006, where special sound equipment was used to make the conversation audible, Bob most likely said: "I love you. Don't forget to always tell the truth."

I'd say neither is more credible than the other.

I agree with Simon C. It really sounds like "The next thing you say.....Tell the truth, OK." There's nothing resembling "Come Between us" at the end of that audio.

I always thought he whispered SuperTeds secret magic word to her.

"Don't forget to always tell the truth."

is about as profound as "Be good, Elliot!" from E.T.

According to the script it was "I know, I'm going to miss you too"... but they both say "ok" after, so it was probably improvised. Script available here:

I wish I didn't watch that. My version had always been that he goes back to his life and has to change things radically because he just cna't live the same way, and she does the same, but they never see each other again. That was part of why I loved it, because I didn't feel the film had overt romance.

Drat, this made me emo.

I thought he said," Gunga ga gunga ga ga gunga gagunga?"

He said "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmy training, Sir!"

> I thought he said," Gunga ga gunga ga ga gunga gagunga?"

yep thats what I heard too, seriously where did they get those words from?

That movie is overrated and trite.

i thought he said I know what the black smoke monster is.

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