'Speed Racer' Behind-the-Scenes with Racer X

December 5, 2007


In this Entertainment Tonight exclusive--one of the few that doesn't reference "TomKat"--get your first look at Matthew Fox as Racer X, and see Emile Hirsch, as the titular Speed Racer, deliver provocative dialogue from under a goofy wig.

Now I see why, despite the pleas of fans, directors often choose to alter the look of comic book/anime characters for film. As it turns out, using the actual costumes makes it seem like we've stumbled into a strange celebrity cos-play convention, producing the same awkward emotions as if you saw a co-worker dressed like a Jedi. It starts with the feeling of "Oh god, they're one of those," then ascends to "Oh god, I wish I hadn't seen them like this. Are we supposed to just act like this didn't happen?"

Still though, good job being uncomfortably accuracy. Maybe it will seem less weird on film.

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