Dec 11 2007'Machine Girl' Trailer is Really Awesome


It's not often that a trailer makes me audibly shriek. Yet, somehow, Machine Girl elicited, not one, but several giddy screams and shouted expletives. This thing is like if an early-'90s Peter Jackson made Kill Bill, but with the borderline retarded sensibility of the Japanese. Plus, it's got a girl with a machine gun arm! And that's not even the coolest part! (The coolest part might be the drill bra.)

First Machine Girl Trailer [Twitch]

Reader Comments

Insane! I love it! :)

I say this as someone who has enjoyed awful pieces of Asian cinema such as Ichi The Killer, Battle Royale, Versus and Samurai Fiction...

This looks like absolute dog shit. The kind of dog shit another dog curiously eats then proceeds to vomit back up. I thought the trend was for Quentin Tarantino to watch a half way decent to good asian flick then horribly butcher the idea, not for some schmuck director to watch an intentionally bad/cheesy Tarantino movie and make it worse.

I dunno, looks pretty cool to me. Ya, obviously way over the top, but isn't that part of the genre?

Love the flying guillatine! Loved the 1975 kung fu classic "master of the flying guillatine."

Way Cool Cheese!

This looks like so much FUN!

Rocko, you're putting Kuroshya Ichi in the same category as Samurai Fiction? REALLY?

Shit, I just pissed myself and it's not cause I'm drunk.

I second the comment by Rocko. Though I thought Ichi the Killer tried too hard and had absolutely no likable characters or even an interesting plot. It was just a "look how extreme I can be" kinda film.

Verses though. Versus owns. So does Azumi.

In short, this flat-out looks wack.

Battle Royale was 'alright'. Ichi was just gore. Battle Royale 2 was a long slam on American Politics and couldn't come off it's high horse long enough to pull together a decent story.

Still, anyone who doesn't think this might just be the coolest thing ever put on celluloid is a member of Al-Qaeda. Only terrorists resent flying guillotines and drill bras. That is a scientific fact. You can argue you with me but you can't argue with science.

I'm only putting Ichi and SF together in that they are both incredibly cheesy but enjoyable movies, not that they should be related by merit of genre or anything like that.

just shut up and enjoy the movie you arrogant snobs

Does anybody else appreciate the fact that she's wearing a Sailor Moon-esque school costume? That, on top of the fact that the campy feel meant that I couldn't stop thinking about Dead Alive, makes this something I'll go ape shit for.

Oh, those silly Japanese.

seriously, pretty amazing looking. I haven't gotten a boner like this since I opened up my first he-man when I was 6.

Total crap.

And the only actor that can pull off a weaponed appendage is Bruce Cambell, not some watery AZN twink.

Oh, and the "flying guillotine" sucked in that 70's move, why the f would it be cool here? I would love for the camera to pull back a foot and show the guy working the fishing pole that thing's attached to.

complete trash

I thought you were exaggerating, but this trailer made me cry with its incredible beauty.

I like all your site pictures like as i like puma:) :) :)

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