'Hancock' Teaser Trailer Sure To Depress Hopeful Homeless Population

December 17, 2007


I'm a fan of mocking and exploiting the homeless for personal amusement as much as the next insensitive, non-homeless person, but with Hancock, Will Smith may have pushed it too far. As funny as the idea of a homeless guy with superpowers may be, if a homeless guy were to see it on-screen (like with his face pressed against your living room window, watching it on your TV), it would surely break what little spirit remains in his hollow, filthy cavern of a soul. I mean, he probably gave up on the idea of getting a job, or even winning the lottery, long ago. Just one insane, utterly implausible hope remains: "maybe I'll get superpowers, and fly out of homelessness." The thought probably never occurred to him that he could be both superpowered and homeless. Nice job, Will.

And, let's be honest, you know if you gave a bum superpowers he'd just waste them on drugs and alcohol.

Hancock Teaser Trailer [JoBlo]

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