Exclusive! What the Joker is Putting in His Cakes!

December 4, 2007


Some fine fellows in Austin, following the trail of promotional clues The Joker has been cleverly leaving, went to one of the locations (formerly) posted at Why So Serious, where they were greeted with a cake with some crap shoved in it.

What manner of things were shoved in it, you ask? What resulted from using said items? See for yourself, under the cut.

Huge thanks to Dave Frankie, Jason "Fingers" Owen, and Francisco "Kiko" Buyo for their effort and images. They really "take the cake." Do you see what I did there?


A baggy! And...


A mobile technology phone! And a "joker" playing card! And a note!

Apparently, calling the number connected them to a rent-a-clown company voicemail.

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