Dec 27 2007'Coraline' Preview Successfully Mashes Geek Culture


Stop-motion genius Henry Selick directed the modern classics The Nightmare Before Christmas, James and the Giant Peach, and aquatic life stuff from The Life Aquatic; Neil Gaiman wrote Stardust and The Sandman comic series, a paperback manifestation of Cure songs; They Might Be Giants has provided geeks with their own brand of catchy rock music for over 20 years, allowing some to finally part with their Weird Al CDs.

So a triumvirate of the three, working together to adapt Gaiman's novella Coraline, should at least be decent, right? (We'll ignore that Teri Hatcher has a leading role.)

See a 40-second scene preview, under the cut.

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this movie is going to be awesome i read the book a few years ago and seriously everytime i thnk about it i get chills
the other mother is sooo freaking scary and psycho
tim burton is the only man that can do her justice.
this movie will be amazing
and if teri hatcher plays the other will be pretty epic.

I'm so, so, so thrilled for this movie! I loved this book when I was a little girl :) Hopefully the movie will do the novel justice.

hey courtney....
though tim burton = stop motion, stop motion does not = tim burton

@ #1 - Tim Burton's not the director.

The movie still looks pretty interesting.

Please forgive Teri Hatcher. I will love her forever for her characters in The Big Picture and Soapdish.

hey unitard
this is supposed to be a creepy imaginitive movie
it looks pretty good so far with the clip
and i hope he stays true to the illustrations from the book
cuz wow....those seriously gave me nightmares
especially the other mom
i can't wait to see her

@ random nigel
sorry i can't read
i was too excited all i saw was ahead of myself

courtney - nightmare before christmas was also directed by henry selick. not tim burton.

if you watch Coraline online for free go to i had to fill out some retarded survey but it worked!! this movie is so cool!

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