Dec 3 2007'Be Kind Rewind' Poster Rides Video Tape Into My VCR Heart


I really like how the homemade theme of the movie is translated to the poster, right down to the frustration of the marker running out near the end. And also that Danny Glover appears to be Mos Def's subtitle.

Be Kind Rewind Poster [IMPA]

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This is seriously the coolest poster I've ever seen. Mos Def's face totally makes it., as well as his weird crouch/"ream me in the ass, Jack Black" position. I love it.

This might just stop me hating Jack Black.

shouldn't i put some spam at the end of my post?

That is some seriously lame Photoshop work. Just look at their necks!

i forgot all about this movie! i'm so excited that it's almost out!

It's poster paint, not marker ... nice try though.

I would say the poster is actually done by Gondry too - its definitely his style.
Check - - thats done by him too.

Looks good! Worthy to hang on my wall, in fact, if I end up enjoying the movie that much.

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