'Accidental Husband' Trailer Teaches Women Important Lesson

December 4, 2007


As we all know, women should never openly express their opinions, even when it's their job. So when relationship advice radio host Uma Thurman recommends that a hesitant bride stops her wedding plans, it's natural and fitting justice that the dumped groom (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) marries her through inexplicable "hacking" and "internet." Though it seems like a strange and masochistic lesson to teach someone, it ends up making some marginal sense when you find out Uma is engaged to the stodgy Colin Firth.

As I'm sure you already suspected, the gruff, vengeful firefighter is exactly what she needed in her life, and she falls in love despite her prior engagement. I guess it's true what they say: opposites attract! Or: you always find love in the most unlikely places! Or: women are idiots that don't know what they want, so they need a semi-insane man to show them!

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