'Accidental Husband' Poster Analysis: Which is worse?

December 26, 2007


Poster 1

Pros: Jeffrey Dean Morgan's creepy glare and disembodied arm do a lot to explain Uma Thurman's look of surprised terror. Flowers are pretty.

Cons: Colin Firth looking past Uma like she's a Magic Eye poster. Sorry, buddy, but there's no making her character three-dimensional.

Poster 2

Pros: The apathy in their attempts at catching Uma perfectly summarize the effort I'll put forth to watch this when it's on TBS, and I'm oddly excited by the potential splattering. Firth's open arms replicate the shrug he surely gave when his agent suggested another tired romantic comedy.

Cons: After grasping the awkward visual metaphor, my mind starts wandering to more practical concerns. Why is she falling? What is she falling from? Why are neither men advancing to catch her? What were they doing on the roof in the first place? Did Jeffrey Dean Morgan have to come straight from work to nonchalantly join this stunt? In a movie about a fireman's son somehow hacking the records to make his father married to Uma Thurman, you don't want the audience asking too many questions before they even get in the theaters.

It might be a toss-up. Your thoughts? For more thorough analysis, larger versions are under the cut, and the trailer is here.



Accidental Husband Posters [IMPA]

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