Nov 9 2007Winona Ryder 'Steals' Part as Spock's Mom. Because of the Whole Shoplifting Thing. Get it?


Winona Ryder has taken the role of Spock's mother in JJ Abram's Star Trek prequel. And, strangely, Variety reports that the role is of a Vulcan mother, making it unclear if this is a change from the original (Spock's mother is human, duh) or simply a typo, because, honestly, she really would a better Vulcan (or a better Wesley Crusher) than human.

She seems kind of young for the part, but at least we can imagine what the conception was like: exceedingly lame.

Winona Ryder joins 'Star Trek' [Variety]

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Kind of young for the part? She's closing in on 40!

She's 36 and Zachary Quinto who is 30 will play her son.

Not to be too dorky (OK, too late) but if she's Vulcan it means she ages really, really slowly. The actor who played Spock's father Sarek was seven years older than Nimoy, and only really looked seven years older, because Vulcans live to be in their 200s or something. Spock even showed up on The Next Generation a couple times looking to be in his mid-sixties when really his character was 135 or so. And Sarek showed up looking to be in his mid-seventies or so when really he was like 235.

That being said, Spock's mother is most definitely a human, not a Vulcan, so this is a poor casting choice for a number of reasons.

Jeez I'm pathetic.

she is cast as the first human wife of Sarek

She is one of my favoriest female celebs. Some of my best friends told me she enjoy the freedom and she has a profile on a nudist date site named Is she in need of some nudist relationships ?

@ Pat (3#): i bow to your geekitude. impressive. we should hang. =)

@girlybat - WHAT?! I pulled that geeky crap in college (mind you not all of the time but here and there) but I didn't find no bat girl warming-up to me. A lot of weird looks, and I mean a LOT! Oh I am confused now, I have redefined the word confused just now. I haven't been this confused since Tom Cruise confessed his love for Katy Holmes on Oprah's show.

Man, I would trade a thousand women for a woman like Winona! (I would trade no more than a thousand because to presume I could even have a crack at more than a thousand women constitutes the definition of conceit and boyish immaturity. A thousand or less? OK!) And I wish I could put my finger on what it is about her. She's just so... wow.

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