Nov 29 2007'The Orphanage' Trailer Encourages Raggedy Ann Fear

Just when I thought the "person haunted by creepy dead people no one else sees" genre was completely exhausted, along comes The Orphanage with the endorsement of Guillermo del Toro and featuring a horrifying rag doll child that makes those Grudge kids look like pale assholes.

Watch the trailer, but be wary that the lack of dialogue (besides name screaming) is because they're hiding the foreignness.

The Orphanage Trailer [Yahoo!]

Reader Comments

be "weary"? some really tired people might forget to be "wary".

Oh! I get it! You were doing your Elmer Fudd impersonation. Now it almost makes sense.

Spooky as hell. He is one hell of a fucking director.

The rest of you commentors go back to tmz.

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