Nov 29 2007'Franklyn' is Your New Favorite Sci-Fi Neo-Noir Thriller


Has your life been missing a certain, sort of pretentious, convoluted sci-fi element since you lost your copy of Dark City? Fear not: a new entry is on the horizon. It's called Franklyn, and here's a plot summary and the first image from the film.

Franklyn is basically about four intertwining stories, three of which are based in contemporary London and one of which is based in a kind of parallel fantasy environment called Meanwhile City. Our hero in that strand is this sort-of masked vigilante detective who's the only atheist in Meanwhile City, played by Ryan Phillippe, who basically runs around trying to extract people from cults, has a big cynicism about the whole thing and hates The Ministry with a vengeance.

Setting aside how much this sounds like a first-year film student's ham-handed attack on modern religion, does this image remind anyone else a little too much of Rorschach from Watchmen? If you aren't familiar with him, how about Jack Skellington if he were piloting an airship?

Sci-Fi Neo-Noir Thriller Franklyn [First Showing]

Reader Comments

More like Dr. Fate from DC comics. Underneath the mask, that is.

Thought this was Franklin

Exactly like a cleaner, more polished and stylized Rorschach in a steampunk futurist fantasy world.

Is it me or does that head looks like the worst bit of photo-shopping ever, the head looks as its been pasted on by a neuron deficent dribble nerd.

When I first saw this image I thought it WAS Rorschach from Watchmen. I didnt understand why he didnt have inkblots. Can't wait for a watchmen movie

is it just me or is this exactly what a spy vs spy movie would look like, i hope he doesn't open the vending machine because theres probably a gigantic boxing glove attached to a spring

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