'Fool's Gold' Trailer Defines a 'McComedy'

November 21, 2007


When I hear about a new Jim Carrey comedy, Adam Sandler comedy, or Ben Stiller comedy, I know exactly what kind of typically groan-worthy movie I'm in store for. But until this trailer for Fool's Gold, I had no clear vision of what a Matthew McConaughey comedy meant.

As it turns out, a Matthew McConaughey comedy (a McComedy) is like a reality show where Matthew McConaughey stars as his typical rowdy-southern-dude self while the rest of the cast tries desperately to piece together a plot that makes sense of all his horny shirtlessness and necessary beach time. And with Surfer Dude next in his comedy lineup, it appears this is just the start of a larger trend.

Trailer under the cut.

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