Oct 8 2007'Tin Man' Trailer Shows Sci-Fi Really 'Gets' Younger Generation

When I first heard the Sci-Fi Channel was making a new take on The Wizard of Oz, as a hip young dude, I simultaneously thought, "Isn't Sci-Fi for nerds?" and, "Isn't Wizard of Oz for old people/gays?"

As this trailer for the Tin Man mini-series reveals, I could not have been more wrong! It turns out, they've really tailored it to speak to a younger, cooler generation of viewers. Dorothy Gale? Snooze! Try DG! Oz? I don't think so, grandpa! It's the Outer Zone now! Wizard? Not even! Mystic Man is so much cooler... because it sounds like a Fleetwood Mac lyric? Yellow Brick Road? You must mean the Brick Route! Roads are so lame compared to routes, and Sci-Fi f***ing knows it! I only wish 'Oz' was spelled with an 'S', just so they could make it a 'Z' again--that's how edgy it is!

Official 'Tin Man' Site [Sci-Fi]

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that looks freakin' SWEET! I can't wait to see that. maybe I should get tv first, but who really needs tv when you have the internet!?

Fucking retarded....


are they seriously calling "Oz" "the O Z"
SERIOUSLY?! The OC can't even pull lame shit like that off these days (because it was canceled!!!!)

I cant wait until they "Re-Imagine" the Bible. A fresh, young buck named Jesus and his posse attempt to change the establishment with good deeds and DANCING!

If "Romeo and Juliet "was turned into "West Side Story" then why not?

Hello? They already reimagined the Bible - Andrew Lloyd Webber did it - "Jesus Christ Superstar" and "Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

The trailer reminds me of those crappy made-for-TV fantasy movies NBC used to show in the 90s (Gulliver's Travels, The Odyssey, etc).

only here to say that the last line was the shiiit. And I would know. I know lines.

im only here to agree with nominus, it seems.

Did Richard Dreyfus just say,

"Your mother clothed your mammaries in magic?"

oh Zooey. . .why? for the love of god, why?

When they said "A Storm Is coming" at the end, immediately Kyle McGlauchlan in Dune popped in my head saying "Our Storm."

To me that was about the only part that interested me.

that was uhhh. interesting. i guess.

This is the sort of thing that reminds me why I hate humanity.

Where are the fuckin' Munchkins? Maybe they made them smaller than they already are.

OMG the munchkins should be like, nanobots!

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