The Joker's Latest Nefarious Plan: Pumpkin Carving

October 18, 2007


When Warner Bros. first started the Dark Knight viral site, meant to be the Joker's way of connecting to the Internet Generation, it showed us many disturbing aspects of the villain. We saw his defacement of a Harvey Dent campaign poster, insane laughter (in the form of "ha" typed out in different sizes and mixed caps, to show it's crazy), and images of the criminal's own scarred smile. We got the idea that this guy was sort of nutty, and likes transcribing his laughter.

But this latest feature, a Flash animation of a pumpkin carved with a grinning bat mouth, equal parts Martha Stewart and web designer, seems to be drifting from maniacal stunt to the territory of desperate cry for attention. Are we meant to believe the Joker paused his murder spree to intricately carve a pumpkin, videotape it, digitize that, then convert it to a Flash animation for web publication? I don't know if it would more or less pitiful if we're meant to think he's commissioned someone else to do it.

Why So Serious? [Official Site]

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