'Stop-Loss' Trailer Causes Personal Re-Evaluation

October 18, 2007


Without getting too political, it's sad that the most fitting representation of the current war in Iraq isn't a tale of heroism in a daring mission, or sacrifice for a final victory, but of a soldier desperately not wanting to keep fighting.

That's one of the many things that made me feel terrible while watching this trailer for Stop-Loss, which stars Ryan Phillippe as a young man refusing orders to return to Iraq. It was also a depressing realization that I don't think I could ever fully empathize with these characters because I hated the versions of them I encountered in high school. Among the many losses we've faced in this war, perhaps none is so confusing as the transformation of your high school bully into a revered national hero. At least to me, a self-centered bastard.

Trailer under the cut.

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