Some Other Crap That Happened...

October 4, 2007

leno-wont-quit.jpg- Jay Leno is threatening to remain on television beyond his 2009 Tonight Show resignation by signing a deal with another network, thus preserving our ever-growing national catalog of mildly amusing newspaper misprints. [NY Post]

- ABC has contracted Veronica Mars writer (not Matchbox 20 moron) Rob Thomas to resurrect the short-lived sitcom Cupid. With Entourage and male-pattern baldness in full swing, Jeremy Piven won't be reprising his role, meaning it will make even less sense that I still refer to him as "Cupid." [Variety]

- Eddie Murphy and director Brian Robbins (AKA tough guy from Head of the Class) are planning to team up for A Thousand Words, about a man who only has 1,000 words left to speak before he dies. The two previously teamed up for Norbit, making it apparent Robbins and Murphy are angels of a wrathful god punishing us for our sins. [Variety]

- Vin Diesel as the Terminator? Sure. Why the f*** not. [AICN]

- Rush Hour director Brett Ratner is taking over as director on the Escape from New York remake. Do you hear the words comin' out of my mouth? They're sorrowful. [IESB]

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